Celebrity Slim : Day 3 *

Hi girlies :)

I apologise for this post being late. Last night I felt really poorly and hid in bed, curled up in a ball. I'm really sad to say that I think I may be intolerant to one of the ingredients in the shakes; the most likely culprit is milk. I was experiencing reflux and minor cramping from the beginning but attributed that to being normal stomach confusion from a weird shift in usual intake, but it hasn't settled down at all. By the evening my abdomen is painfully swollen, with reflux and nausea thrown in for good measure. It all sounds like classic IBS, doesn't it, but it feels different to that. I don't know what to do, but I hate feeling like crap! :(

Yesterdays damage:

Breakfast: Vanilla shake
Snack: 200g blueberries, Rocky Road snack bar, coconut water
Lunch: Celebrity Slim Chicken soup
Snack: apple, 2 celery sticks filled with extra light soft cheese, Maxitone dark chocolate protein bar
Dinner: oven baked mustard pork, roasted apple, garlic and onions with gazpacho salad

I had to have the maxitone protein bar because the boyfriend was taking way too long to get home and I was trying to wait for him before having dinner!

On a positive note, the vanilla shake and chicken soup were absolutely gorgeous!!!! I was expecting the soup to be watery and bland, but there was real flavour and texture behind it. Yum! :)

I slept in super late today and haven't had breakfast yet. I don't know what to do. It would be gutting to have to stop now thanks to my stomach being dramatic about milk! 

Any advice? :(

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  1. I recently found out that I was intolerant to the lactose in milk, with the same symptoms. Try the lacto-free milk? It's really helped me and it tastes just like regular milk :)



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