Hi friends! :)

As you may or may not know by now: 

We did it!!!! :) We finally managed to grab a gorgeous flat before someone else! The renting market really is vicious and every man for himself. That suits me quite well. I can be a really evil cow when necessary... Ha!

There's an odd mixture of elation, terror and other emotions I can't identify taking over my body and mind. I woke up drenched in sweat at about 5am this morning, feeling absolutely petrified.

Our new home is a converted house. We have our own street entrance but live on the first floor, and oddly have a patio garden! The flat was converted 18 months ago and is absolutely gorgeous - especially the kitchen! There are 2 double bedrooms, so I get to have a study/girly room which is SO exciting. Oh, and there's a dishwasher which obviously is the ultimate luxury! The garden is perfect for Lily and we're looking into enclosures etc to keep her safe. It's going to cost us £900 a month, so right at the top of our budget but it's everything we wanted so it's alright.

We have a provisional moving date of the start of September but it could be earlier.

What creeps me out a little is that right at the start of this saga I said that we'd end up living on this road. What's that about?! Ha...

I'm really sad to leave this flat. I love it so much, but I know this path is one I should follow so I need to be brave and roll with it. 


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