Operation Preparation : MOVING!

I hate moving. I know I'm not alone in this. It's incredibly stressful and scary. In the lead up to the big day you have a never ending list of things to do, and then it's the same at your new home! Pretty overwhelming. Lists are your friend. So are daily schedules. It breaks the whole thing down into something tangible, controllable and visible!

I have been slightly limited in what I can do at the moment, because I don't want to cause Lily any stress. This is her second house move, and while she finds exploring a new home very exciting, she doesn't like seeing her home being taken apart. She does, however, love having so many boxes lying around to play in!! With this in mind, she is staying with her cattery auntie from Monday until Friday.

This gives me 2 days to clean without having to worry about fumes, noise and general kitty stress. I can pack things away without having to continually scoop Lily out of the box I'm trying to fill! She doesn't like it when mummy is rushing back and forth from room to room so this really is the best thing for us, as much as I'm going to miss her!

So. Until then, I have been focusing on the really boring side of things like changing addresses, writing letters, accounting, budgeting and planning. I've sorted out my clothes and there is another charity bag ready to go. I've had to be really brutal with myself and just face the fact that my body has changed and I probably won't see a size 8 again. Not nice.

I'm still trying to find a new GP surgery. It's pretty scary leaving my old team. They know me pretty well and starting all over again can cause real problems in the beginning. I'm scared I won't find a GP that I can work with. I'm scared of a full-blown relapse. I'm.... scared.

I've done as much as I can now, so I am resting until Monday. I need to store up as much energy as possible because the next week, 10 days or so, are going to be absolutely crazy.

As you can probably tell, I'm still struggling to 'talk'.

I'm really sorry that things have gone quiet on here. Things will get back to normal soon, and I have plans in the making for a new(ish) layout, pages and other cool stuff so stick with me through this rough patch girls!


Baking for Boys : The Duerr's Master Bakers present Victoria Sponge

As we all know, The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens - YAY! :)

The master bakers at Duerr's, Richard and Paul, are back in the kitchen with a new series to put us all to shame and show us how it's done when it comes to all things cake.

This week they made the classic Victoria Sponge with Raspberry Jam and Cream. Their recipe is different to what I was 'taught' as a typical sponge recipe but I think there are a fair few variations knocking around now, and everyone definitely has their own tips and tricks for making the ultimate sponge cake. 

I am absolutely going to give this a try, but with moving next week confirmed - finally - I think I will be christening my new kitchen with this very recipe! :)

I hope you give this a go - and definitely let me know how you get on!!

Happy Baking!


Fancy some discounts? Of course you do.

I searched through everything available to us and here are some epic deals for you from my friends at LoveMyVouchers!!

* * * This page updates daily so be sure to keep checking back for some fantastic offers! :) * * *


Vouchers provided by LoveMyVouchers.co.uk

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Vouchers provided by LoveMyVouchers.co.uk

Happy Shopping!!! :)

Sami's Sunday Ramblings

Hello :)

I thought I should at least try and talk to you guys on my ramble day, because I really am not terribly coherent at the present moment... I'm just so overwhelmed and, yeah.... my brain has decided to go on holiday.

Let's see if I can at least piece something together from this week...

~ Celebrity Slim. That had to be stopped because it turns out I'm lactose intolerant. The amount of pain I was in by the third day was ridiculous and I never want to feel that sick ever again. It was awful. I'm still really bloated and my abdomen is just so sore and painful. It's not fun. I'm drinking lots of fluids to try and flush it all out of my system but I've hit a bit of a road block.

~ My friend died on 20th. I found out on Facebook. This isn't the first time I've discovered about someones passing in this way. It's floored me and was basically the nail in the coffin as far as my tolerance for stress. That's it now. I'm done. My mind has shut down and I'm just floating in a weird state of dissociation. I'm heartbroken and just, well, I don't even know yet. I'll be able to fill in that blank once I come back down to earth.

~  Stress = IBS. Oh yes. Just what I need. My poor digestive system is in absolute turmoil right now. As if that whole lactose thing wasn't bad enough, throwing some really intense stress ontop is the the perfect storm for everything to just shut down. It hurts.

~ Diet.... What diet? Yeah. That's gone to hell. At this point in time I just do. not. care. and if people want to judge me and mock me for being fat then so be it. I can't feel anything anyway so sod it. I'm 98% sure that once I start university I'll be at a level of stress and anxiety where eating will be next-to-impossible for a while so the weight will hopefully melt away pretty sharpish.

~ Finances. I've got my student account sorted, so that's some stress lifted. I'm banking with the co-op and have a £1400 overdraft. Score. All I need to do is deposit £300 to activate the account. With it being bank holiday this weekend things might process a little slower but I should have it by the end of next week. Phew.

~ New house. We STILL don't have a moving date. Apparently we'll have one next week. We better. I can't cancel anything until I know when we're moving. It would be a DISASTER to be stuck without internet.

~ It was my birthday on 22nd.... It was a non event. I'm now the wrong side of approaching 30.

That's about it really..... Ugh god this update sucks. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much for all of your support.



Hi friends,

Firstly let me apologise for going mute on you, not just here but on twitter and instagram too. 

You see, a couple of days ago a friend suddenly passed away due to her asthma and I happened to find out via Facebook before the 'assigned friend' could contact me. 

I'm in a state of shock. Totally numb after the initial pain. My mind is basically white noise and I feel like I'm just floating around. 

I will be back to normal on here soon - hopefully by next week - but for now at least, I just can't.

Lots of love

Celebrity Slim : Day 3 *

Hi girlies :)

I apologise for this post being late. Last night I felt really poorly and hid in bed, curled up in a ball. I'm really sad to say that I think I may be intolerant to one of the ingredients in the shakes; the most likely culprit is milk. I was experiencing reflux and minor cramping from the beginning but attributed that to being normal stomach confusion from a weird shift in usual intake, but it hasn't settled down at all. By the evening my abdomen is painfully swollen, with reflux and nausea thrown in for good measure. It all sounds like classic IBS, doesn't it, but it feels different to that. I don't know what to do, but I hate feeling like crap! :(

Yesterdays damage:

Breakfast: Vanilla shake
Snack: 200g blueberries, Rocky Road snack bar, coconut water
Lunch: Celebrity Slim Chicken soup
Snack: apple, 2 celery sticks filled with extra light soft cheese, Maxitone dark chocolate protein bar
Dinner: oven baked mustard pork, roasted apple, garlic and onions with gazpacho salad

I had to have the maxitone protein bar because the boyfriend was taking way too long to get home and I was trying to wait for him before having dinner!

On a positive note, the vanilla shake and chicken soup were absolutely gorgeous!!!! I was expecting the soup to be watery and bland, but there was real flavour and texture behind it. Yum! :)

I slept in super late today and haven't had breakfast yet. I don't know what to do. It would be gutting to have to stop now thanks to my stomach being dramatic about milk! 

Any advice? :(


Celebrity Slim : Day 2 *

Welcome to day two of seven! 

I'll tell you right now, I'm grumpy and glad it's only a 7 day experiment. Yes, days 2 to 3 or even 4 can be the worst, and I am well rehearsed in this phase of a dietary transition so we'll just have to ride it out together!

I don't know exactly why I feel so rubbish... The hardest times are breakfast and 4pm. It has to be the switch to protein from slow-release carbohydrates. I don't feel hypoglycemic or gripped with hunger pains, it's just what I can only describe as a craving for something but I honestly don't know what!! It's a weird one.

Breakfast: Banana shake
Snack: Cranberry snack bar, coconut water
Lunch: Chocolate shake, 1 apple, 2 celery sticks
Snack: 170g fresh blueberries, Rocky Road snack bar
Dinner: Pimento and Habenero spiced chicken breast with gazpacho salad
Snack: Options Hot Chocolate

I was sadly disappointed by the chocolate shake, and really wish there wasn't 4 of them in the pack but there we go. On the positive side, the banana shake was gorgeous and so were the snack bars! :) Seeing as I don't have much to say for myself today, here's some useful information from the program guide: 

 Tomorrow is a new day, and it will be a better day!


#RapidTester : Week Three *

Hello :)

I'm back with another quick update on my eyebrows and eyelashes as we are now in week three with RapidLash and RapidBrow!

This week I think I'm starting to see some progress. My eyelashes are definitely thicker and darker, and my eyebrows seem to be filling out. The hairs are longer and I'm having to ever-so-slightly pluck them now to maintain their shape. There's a long way to go with my eyebrows yet, but I'm very pleased with how my eyelashes are responding, and curious to see what they'll be like by the end of our 8 week trial! 

There's nothing else to update with really, so a short and sweet progress report here! 

Until next time! <3 


The Body Shop : testing toners!

Hello skincare fans :) 

You might remember a while ago I bagged some amazing bargains from The Body Shop during their sale! I've never really used toners before so having three little bottles to test was pretty ideal. My skin seems to be going through every single type possible so I had hoped to see results from at least one product..

Seaweed Clarifying Toner

This is a gorgeous toner, and definitely one to use if you've been wearing make-up all day. Your skin will be left completely clean and feeling fresh, rather than dried out and tight. We all know about the powers of seaweed in skincare and diet, and this particular product uses Irish seaweed so it's not had to endure traveling far and lose it's power.

It smells gentle, works like a charm and also helped keep my acne under control.

Definitely recommended! It's £3 for 60ml bottle or £8 for 200ml bottle.

Aloe Calming Toner

This toner was a complete godsend during a pretty nasty breakout! It has a slightly thicker consistency than other toners, and feels amazing on inflamed spots and sore skin.

It is best to use this toner sparingly, as a little tends to go a long way, and excessive amounts may trigger further breakouts.  Also apply this toner immediately after washing and patting dry your face, post shower would be best. This is when I saw the best results. You may feel like your skin doesn't need moisturiser, so don't overload your pores if it doesn't need it.

The aloe is from Guatemala, and is also fair trade. The income from this product helps fund 100 schools in El Progreso. Can't argue with that!

A 60ml bottle is £3 and a 200ml bottle is £8.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

Another amazing product! This toner is so hydrating I didn't need to use a moisturiser afterwards. I have had a really annoying problem with dry, flaky skin that I just couldn't find a solution for, until I started using this. The problem vanished within a week! Yay!!!! :)

Again, this toner has a slightly thicker consistency than usual and you need to be careful not to overwhelm your skin with it or you'll end up with breakouts threatening to ruin everything. But maybe that's just my skin...

This 60ml bottle seems to be discontinued, so a 200ml bottle is £8. 

I *think* the vitamin E toner may be my favourite; but it's a really tough call. They each served a really useful purpose is getting some control and health back into my skin.Of course there is also the issue of buying little bottles and only seeing a difference towards the end of their lifespan as it were.. I fear I may just have to have all three in my skincare arsenal and bring them out on an as needed basis!

I never really got the point of toner until I started using these products, and now I honestly miss them now they're all empty! 

Do you use toner? If you have difficult skin, what do you find works best? 

Until next time! <3


Celebrity Slim : Day One *

Welcome to my first day on the Celebrity Slim Program! 

It's been a bit of a shock to the system, but I know it'll get easier. For the past couple of weeks I've been working to change my diet to a more high protein, low carbohydrate sort of affair and today has definitely kicked it up a gear! I don't think this is a diet program designed to trigger ketosis, but given the sharp shift in my diet I am going to be watching out for it. 

In terms of the quality of the shakes, and the shaker I was pleasantly surprised! I know that sounds awful, but I'm always cautious with products like this. I was fully expecting to be covered with the shake when I was making my first one, but it held firm! I really liked the addition of the mixing ball inside the shaker, it definitely made a difference. 

Breakfast: 250ml Strawberry Shake, 2 mugs lemon with warm water, cup of tea
Snack: Rocky Road Snack Bar, cup of tea
Lunch: 350ml Cafe Latte Shake, 250ml Vita Coco Coconut Water and frozen berries, cup of tea
Snack: Coffee with 50ml semi skimmed milk
Dinner: Oven-baked smoked haddock with raw spinach and gazpacho salad
Snack: frozen berries with options hot chocolate 'sauce' ~ trust me, it works, just use a tablespoon of options powder with a little hot water and enjoy!

The directions say to use 250mls of water, but I found this to be not anywhere near filling enough, so I tried 350mls which worked out better thankfully! The flavour of the strawberry shake was utterly gorgeous, but I found the cafe latte shake rather bland much to my disappointment as I really fancied a latte! The Rocky Road Snack Bar was very surprising. I absolutely loved the presentation of the bar - evidently too much because I failed to photograph it before devouring it! I'm curious to know how a small bar can contain a respectable 7g of protein, and definitely wish they were bigger. Really, really good! So on the whole, it's been a good first day with Celebrity Slim, but I was pretty keen to have dinner by the time 7pm rolled around. 

For the gazpacho salad I used: 1/2 cucumber, 2 courgettes, 3 spring onions, 3 celery sticks, 3 small cloves garlic, 1 tin chopped tomatoes, 1 tin plum tomatoes, dried oregano and basil, coarse salt and ground black pepper. 

I'm feeling ok at the end of the first day. No real cravings or headaches going on as yet. By the end of this week-long trial I would like to see 63.0kg on the scales. That might be an optimistic goal but we'll see what happens.

Until next time!


Introducing 'Celebrity Slim Program' *

Hi friends :)

Following on from my first post on diets, I am delighted to be able to introduce you to 'Celebrity Slim' via Lloyds Pharmacy and Epiphany PR.

I first noticed this program in Superdrug when I was in Brighton having a good nose at the haircare offer they had on at the time, and this was cleverly placed in the entrance to the aisle. It's definitely eye-catching, so good work to the marketing team! I can't say I felt compelled to stop and look beyond what sort of 'diet' was on offer before continuing on with more pressing matters - my out of control hair.

However, I didn't forget about Celebrity Slim and when I was contacted by Epiphany PR offering me the opportunity to road-test and review this program I jumped at the chance and opted for the '7 Day Starter Pack' with two boxes of snack bars: Cranberry Yogurt and Rocky Road. For an added celebrity vibe and a serious boost of vitamins, I also got some Vita Coco Coconut Water.

If you are a newcomer to my blog, you won't know that I have a somewhat extensive history with taking on various diets, detoxes and such; the most challenging to date has been a 5 day juice cleanse, following several 3 day successes. It made me notice the psychological bond we have with the process and sensations of eating, which was very surprising and also incredibly helpful. The trouble is it's all too easy to fall back into old habits and forget what we learned during those hard moments. It's something that isn't quite in the long-term part of my memory yet!!

The Celebrity Slim Program is a 'meal replacement' system. In a nutshell, two of your meals are delivered via prepacked sachets which you make in the provided shaker. What I like about this program is that you are free to have a healthy dinner, which is where I think a lot of people fall down when following entirely liquid programs. You are also able to have a non-celebrity slim snack twice to three times a day if you didn't buy the snack bars. There are rules about what you can and cannot have, of course, but it is by no means really restrictive or depriving! I think people forget to be creative with their meals and snacks when working from a 'list' as it were. 

There is a vast variety of shakes to choose from with the starter pack, and two soups! 

I absolutely love the amount of information you are provided with in your starter pack; you're really being educated about food! There is vastly too much to cover right now, but my favourite pages are 'The psychology of food', 'Plateaued weight loss' and 'Living and eating with others'. We are also provided with a food diary, which tracks your progress daily for 8 weeks, very handy!


Decisions, decisions!! I'm fairly hopeful that boredom won't strike, but part of me does wonder if they will be too sickly sweet for breakfast. Time will tell....!

You are encouraged to get into the habit of 6 small meals a day, during what is called the 'TRIM phase'. This is great because it allows you the flexibility of choice and will limit that psychological block of feeling deprived. It also gives you time to really think about what you eat and find the time to plan something healthy.

Going into this week, my only concern is around my levels of hunger. As I take my highest appetite stimulating dose of medication at bedtime, by the time I wake up I'm usually ravenous and I'm not sure a milkshake will cut it but Celebrity Slim shakes contains 3 different types of protein; caseinate, whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate to help keep hunger pangs under control, so we'll see how they fair against the evils of anti-psychotics!

I guess I better get down to the embarrassing part now; my starting stats! 

Weight: 65.0kg
Upper Arms: 12.5 inches
Waist: 29.5 inches
Hips: 41 inches
Bust: 40 inches

There is no way I'm uploading a picture of myself in a bikini..... Jeez. 

Exercise is a tricky one for me as I have chronic fatigue syndrome, but I will try and come up with some form of exercise! Preparing the house to move in a few weeks should keep me pretty busy! I'm also going to put these numbers on the fridge so I'm not tempted to cheat. That's a bad state of affairs right there. Thanks quetiapine.


Weight: 55.0kg
Upper Arms: 10 inches
Waist: 24 inches
Hips: 36 inches
Bust: 36 inches

Those goals are for my entire weight loss journey, as I'm currently only signed up to follow this program for 7 days, but if it really works I might opt for the full 8 weeks. We'll see!

Celebrity Slim are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so go check them out!

Until next time! <3


Lush Review : Oatifix

I'm back with yet another Lush review!!! Yay!!! :) 

This time I'm going to talk about Oatifix, which is quite possibly the most yummy, edible smelling face mask I've tried to date! It really does smell like breakfast; and just like breakfast being the most important meal of the day, this face mask may just be the most important one for my skin! 

Indeed; Lush themselves say: "Feed your face. You know they say you shouldn't skip the most important meal of the day."

My skin is going through a bit of a crisis again at present, and dry patches are proving to be a real battle ground. I have been experimenting with various non-Lush brand toners and had varying levels of success, but this face mask really gets down to work and your skin is able to draw as much as it wants from the gorgeous ingredients.

This isn't a face mask that sets firm like others do, so you're able to leave it on for as long as you want really. I generally give my skin a good 20-30 minute session with this mask once a week. It keeps so well in the fridge and never stops smelling absolutely delicious!

One thing I did notice that even when you apply what is probably termed a 'generous' amount it seems to just vanish into your skin, which can only be a good thing. There is also a very slight warming sensation on problem areas. It's not uncomfortable or a burning feeling, just a reminder that the ingredients are doing their thing! 
Quantitative Ingredients
*occurs naturally in essential oils

The use of glycerine is to hold the mask together and draws moisture into the skin. Like in baking, it is a humectant. Oatmeal is loaded with beneficial properties for the skin; containing avenanthramides, a type of antibiotic produced by the parent plant, which act as an antioxidant and may contribute to the soothing effect. They also carry an anti-histamine property to aid allergic reactions. Pretty cool huh? Bananas are used to help moisturise the skin while making it more supple. You can click on the links to see what amazing qualities each ingredient posseses. 

As I leave this on for a long period of time, I apply this face mask post-shower having washed my face twice with Coalface and once with Freederm sensitive face wash. I have found it most beneficial to apply immediately after getting out of the shower to make the most of the steam opening the pores. To remove the mask, use lukewarm water and gentle small circular motions to exfoliate and rinse the residue off. 

I absolutely love the fragrance left on your skin. My boyfriend always says I smell like breakfast, and Lily gets terribly confused at why mummy has food on her face. My skin always feels incredibly soft, nourished and calmer. The redness I have is always vastly reduced and sore acne lumps don't hurt as much. 

This mask is definitely one for those who suffer with dry, sensitive skin and breakouts. 

A 75g tub will cost you £5.95 and is well worth every penny!

Bravo, Lush. Bravo! I'm still no closer to selecting a favourite...



Hi friends! :)

As you may or may not know by now: 

We did it!!!! :) We finally managed to grab a gorgeous flat before someone else! The renting market really is vicious and every man for himself. That suits me quite well. I can be a really evil cow when necessary... Ha!

There's an odd mixture of elation, terror and other emotions I can't identify taking over my body and mind. I woke up drenched in sweat at about 5am this morning, feeling absolutely petrified.

Our new home is a converted house. We have our own street entrance but live on the first floor, and oddly have a patio garden! The flat was converted 18 months ago and is absolutely gorgeous - especially the kitchen! There are 2 double bedrooms, so I get to have a study/girly room which is SO exciting. Oh, and there's a dishwasher which obviously is the ultimate luxury! The garden is perfect for Lily and we're looking into enclosures etc to keep her safe. It's going to cost us £900 a month, so right at the top of our budget but it's everything we wanted so it's alright.

We have a provisional moving date of the start of September but it could be earlier.

What creeps me out a little is that right at the start of this saga I said that we'd end up living on this road. What's that about?! Ha...

I'm really sad to leave this flat. I love it so much, but I know this path is one I should follow so I need to be brave and roll with it. 



Sami's Sunday Ramblings


Oh my god this is turning into such a nightmare. What is everyone's problem with having a cat in rented flats? Seriously. She's 3 years old and way past climbing the curtains. Yes, she does enjoy making holes in net curtains, but that's why I buy cheap ones for her to destroy rather than risking a landlords. I had one letting agent tell me that they had an incident where a cat destroyed a carpet. Er, what? Unless they mean the cat pissed all over it then I'm going to call bullshit on that one.

I'm a WILLING and VERY GOOD tenant with glowing references. It's their loss as much as mine. Has the housing market recovered to a point where being picky is deemed safe practice again? I seriously doubt it. Yes, Brighton is a very 'in demand' place to try and find somewhere to live, but for the love of god... JUST CUT THE SHIT.

We're being forced to look further afield than we had planned just to find places that will even consider us. Some landlords/agencies want a £2k deposit in exchange for a letting contract being signed. Do people have that kind of money?! It's frikking exploitation. Sadly for them, we're not so desperate that we would part with that kind of money. But someone might. Ugh. It's disgusting and makes me so ANGRY.

Thankfully, I woke up this morning bursting with energy and feeling high as a damn kite. No idea why but I'm not complaining. It's FUN! I keep looking outside and being blown away by the COLOURS. Yesterday I was super productive and cleaned the entire flat - including the tiles in the bathroom, worst job ever - as well as publishing 3 blog posts! I can't walk without my ankles sending shockwaves through me but I want to dance and run and jump and swim and gallop around Goodwood Racecourse..

Freshers week starts in about a month's time now. The 'mature students' get to hang out with the post-grads which is a massive relief. I'm really happy they thought about us old-buggers, and it turns out I'm definitely not the oldest student starting this year so that's something! That reminds me, I need to make an appointment with the volunteer center about a blogging opportunity.

We have three viewings tomorrow - I think?! - so I have to yet again make the trek to Brighton. It's just a single ticket this time though as the boyfriend wants to stay over so that's something of a plus. The return journey is always hard. We're bouncing all over Brighton, starting at Bear Road, then down to near the Marina, then back up to Ditchling Road! Bear Road has always been my ideal, and not just for the name, so hopefully that one will be a good fit.

I'll probably go visit the Co-Op Bank and Halifax about their student accounts while I'm out. Whoever gives me the biggest overdraft wins! Ha. I do hope it's Halifax, they've been my bank for 10 years but I doubt that will count for much when asking for a big student overdraft. Meh. My credit card debt needs assessing too. Part of me is wondering if it's worth getting a loan to pay them off and then use the rest to fund moving and any additional things we need... I dunno. I just want it to stop following me around. It's the final reminder of my past relationship and it's just, aaaaaagh.

I went to see my tattoo artist the other day - finally! Her client list has exploded and she couldn't fit me in until late November, yikes. I'm on a cancellation list too so fingers crossed someone will bitch out and I can have their spot! The piece we're working on is about 6 hours worth of work, and we decided to break it up into 3 blocks of 2 hour sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart to give my skin a chance to recover. Tattooing over scar tissue is apparently a very different experience so I'm a bit nervous about any raw nerves that might be lurking. It'll be worth it regardless. She charges £65 per hour, so in total I will be parting with £390. At least I have time to save up!!

My design is based around a vintage pocket watch, probably from the 1900s era, which will be 'branded' with "Millie" and dated with the date of her passing: "21. 12. 2010" and the time will be set to 3.20pm. The watch will sit amongst Camellia Japonica flowers with the chain intertwined, and there will also be an exact copy of her paw print sat in there somewhere with the date of her birth underneath; "21. 06. 1997". It's going to be very lightly washed with colour, to try and keep attention on the design rather than my scars, as a more intense colour would draw them out. It will also keep it looking vintage, plus there's enough space to allow her to get really detailed with filigree on the watch.

I honestly cannot wait to get started. This has been on my mind since Millie passed away and this specific design has been in the making for a good 18 months now so this isn't an impulse thing based on pure emotion. I don't understand people that launch into tattoos. It's not a piercing! It's on you FOREVER, and I like to get to know the artist that is decorating my skin rather than wandering into a shop and just getting branded.

Oh yeah; and I spoke to my occupational therapist and it was a pretty pointless conversation. I've asked to see the psychiatrist to talk about this quetiapine nonsense but I doubt she'll go for it. Apparently everything I'm feeling is 'normal' and 'understandable'. Hm. As long as I don't do any stupid shit everything will be ok... I should probably add keeping away from my mother to that. She is liable to be the catalyst for the shit to hit the fan.... Lalala I'm fiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I think that's enough..... Gold star if you read all this nonsense!


Cottage Delight : Farmhouse Cherry Cake *

Hello again my foodie friends :)

This is a bit of a sad review for a couple of reasons; first, because this is my final cake review for a while and secondly because it's ending on a less positive note. It's not a negative, more neutral, but that doesn't make it any easier to write. However, I have a no BS policy and I will follow it regardless of who or what I'm talking about. So let's get down to it. 

Today I'm going to talk about the Farmhouse Cherry Cake from Cottage Delight. I was super excited to try this after the incredible sponge version I reviewed a few weeks ago. They certainly set the bar high, but given the consistently amazing products I have been treated to I wasn't exactly concerned about a dip in standards. 

Now; when I read 'Farmhouse Cherry Cake' on a label, I don't know about you but as a consumer I would expect to be eating a cake that had cherries in it. I know we've had a bit of drama in the recent past with labels on food and this is nowhere near that level of rage-inducing betrayal, nevertheless I was still left a bit peeved shall we say. I could not find a single cherry amongst the half of this cake that I examined, and nor could I taste anything other than a vaguely prune-like flavour.

I can't help but wonder if they got their percentages the wrong way around!! A cherry cake should be 40% cherry, not sultana. That makes it a sultana cake, as it is the most prominent ingredient. There was also absolutely no need for the 'nibs' of sugar as the cake itself was already thick with dried fruit and sugar. I don't know if it's possible for a cake to be too moist, but this was certainly pushing it for my preferences. Even for a fruit cake this was very, very moist. It practically collapsed when sliced and had to be dragged away from the tray and cake. In my opinion, that does not make a cake that 'cuts well'.

Can you see any cherries? This cake looks absolutely nothing like it is presented on their website, which always makes me sad. It's not an inedible cake by any stretch. It could be quite nice to have as a dessert with some cream and dark chocolate shavings, and a strong cup of tea or coffee! I know some people love a squidgy cake and this might be right up their street, but for me, it's just vastly over-sweetened and reminded me of a mix between the consistency of a syrup sponge and soreen.

On that note I will draw this review to a close and go seek out some gherkins to recover from this sugar-overload! 

This is one of a whopping SIXTEEN varieties of cake on offer from Cottage Delight, ranging from £3.75 to £5.50. The Farmhouse Cherry Cake costs £4.40.
You can find Cottage Delight on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so go and say hi!
Until next time! <3 

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