Ted Baker AW '13 : Take The Scenic Route *

This is a post I never thought I'd be writing; today, I'm going to bring you my thoughts and pictures from the Ted Baker AW fashion show!!!! 


The event was held at the most incredible location in central London, The Farmiloe Building, and thankfully it wasn't terribly hard to find. I only made one wrong turning during the 5 minute walk from Farringdon station, so not a bad effort at all there!

The event opened it's doors at 11.30am, so I had to plan my trains quite carefully. I managed to bag the 'super saver travelcard' for £22.10! I just had to be in and out of London before peak times, which I'd do anyway as a matter of survival. That's the only downer to this event really. I had to travel on packed, hot trains and it totally messed with my hair and make-up. Girl problems! Haha.

What I wore: 

Top : New Look
Skirt : New Look
Shoes : Irregular Choice, Abigail's Party
Necklace : Lasula
Belt : New Look
Bag : Chloe Paddington, brown
Flower hair clips : Boots


Natural Collection correction stick
Benefit Fake Up
Maybelline illuminating concealer
Benefit Oxygen WOW
Natural Collection 'cool' pressed powder
Sedona Lace eye shadows
Collection 2000 black eyeliner pen
Collection 2000 mascara, brown
Max Factor False Lash Effect, black

I arrived at the Farmiloe Building just before 11.30am, and found not only a queue of people outside, but that they were in groups and all talking. I could also spot an item of Ted Baker on most of the girls! Holy awkwardness. We weren't kept waiting outside for long, and were soon moving into this vast expanse of the Farmiloe, but not before 'checking in' by giving our names and where we were from. Giving my name and saying that I was from "That Redhead Said" definitely goes down in the top 5 surreal moments of my life, along with the fact I'm about to watch a fashion show by a brand I've loved for a very long time! 

We were treated to these lovely bottles of soft drinks by firefly once we were in what I guess you could call the main hosting area! They were very refreshing and just what I needed after a rather frantic race against the clock to make it on time!

The groups stayed in their groups. I played spot the blogger and admired the architecture.



I think I'll do a separate post on my favourite pieces or we'll be here all day!!! :)

Some I loved. Some I didn't. But that's fashion for you. Everyone has their own style, likes and dislikes. What I will say though, is that I was so relieved to see somewhat human-looking models. There was no sign of emaciation or eating disorder. That alone made me want to give Ted Baker a standing ovation. I don't know about you, but if I saw their collection hanging off someone, it wouldn't exactly inspire me to buy it! Also, I absolutely loved the sheer amount of colour!! It seems to be all about the brights and that is just so awesome I can't describe!

The show itself was amazing, albeit noisy and hot. That made my anxiety shoot up even more and any further pictures were blurred beyond belief! The seat I picked was pretty much ideal. Front row might have been a bit too much. I got to see the detail of the clothes though, as well as the quality. I guess if I fancied a good shoe perv I'd have opted for a closer seat, but I wanted an overall picture and was not disappointed! 

A really lovely touch was that we were provided with Wi-Fi and also a cute little fan to combat the scorching heat from the stage lights. Thumbs up there!

You can watch the shortened version of the show here or the full length catwalk show here

Huuuuuuuge thank you to Ted Baker for the opportunity to attend such an event!!! I know where I'm going for my dress for Goodwood Races in August, and perhaps some cheeky university accessories! ;)

Go say hi and keep up with all things Ted Baker on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube! Phew.

Until next time! <3 


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  1. You look gorgeous, very stylish! What an awesome event.


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