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It feels like forever since I last 'spoke' to you all! It's been an absolutely bonkers couple of weeks and it's taking me a while to process it all.

Obviously, the whole Nerja experience was amazing. It took me a day or so to fully get my head around the fact I was actually in Spain and had really done a flight and two bus journeys. Do you ever get that feeling when you don't feel like something is really happening? Honestly, I thought I was dreaming or watching someone else, so I guess I was in something of a dissociative state with the amount of sedatives I had in my bloodstream.

Nerja is beautiful. It was hot but not suffocating. The sea was clean and warm enough to swim in. The only downer was that the stones and sand got spectacularly hot so you could look rather daft at times. I seriously considered jelly shoes to save the soles of my feet, it was so painful! In the end I devised a shuffle with my beach towel; still looked daft but it was better than jelly shoes... 

I actually got a tan while I was out there. I don't think I've ever had a tan before... I quite like it! :)

I won't prattle on about it anymore, as I'm breaking it up into chunks already. But, I couldn't resist gushing about Nerja a little bit more.

What happened next? Oh, I had a few days to get laundry done and unpack while Lily was stuck to my side. She is making such progress at the cattery! Zylkene and Pet Remedy are making a VAST difference. Auntie Anita was able to go into Lily's pen and clean out her toilet without being hissed or swiped at! Instead, Lily stayed in her cardboard box and growled. That's an improvement, trust me! Anita commented that Lily didn't seem as stressed this time either. Such a relief!!!! She is travelling a lot better too. Thank god for Zylkene!!

At the moment we're dealing with the heatwave but it's going ok. I make sure her favourite spots to nap are kept really cool, we have fans going 24/7 and I'm even resorting to keeping towels in the freezer so she can lay on/near something cooling. She's getting a bit fed up with it now, but she knows not to play when it's hot. Like most animals, she's sleeping lots. She doesn't really have much interest in anything other than biscuit at the moment either. Totally fine with that. I lose all interest in food when it gets very humid here.

On Wednesday I went to the Ted Baker AW '13 fashion show in London - by myself!!! It was held in this incredible venue: The Farmiloe Building. I felt so out of place, and terrified. The vast majority of the pictures I took are useless as they're so blurred from my shaking! I'll do my best to do a write-up on the event next week. It was a very unique experience, to say the least! I felt very lucky to have been invited and gotten to see some truly beautiful clothes, bags and shoes. And people... I must say, however, that I was very pleased to see no anorexic looking models on the catwalk! Of course, they were all size 6-8 but definitely not visibly starving or anything. I also met a very charming guy who confused the life out of me by actually appreciating shoes!! Thumbs up all round.

That same afternoon I went and met the wonderful people from MySalonLooks in Hove! I had won their twitter competition for a free cut and colour and had to go and have the usual skin test. My appointment was on Friday and oh my word, they are just amazing. Although there was one dude who frightened the bloody life out of me by trying to make someone else jump! It was so not cool. I will definitely be going to them for my hair appointments when I'm living over in Brighton. I'm so in love with what they've done! :)

Thursday was my final session of 'Stress Management' and it was a pretty tough going one. One of the ladies had been in a section 136 suite the night before, and was being taken to the inpatient unit once our group had ended. She was angry and scared. Having been there, I can't blame her. It was sad to see her slip so quickly though. I feel a bit lost with what happens next with my groups and all that jazz. I need to see the psychiatrist really... I've had to increase my dose of quetiapine from her initial of 75mg all the way to 200mg. As an augmentation for my venlafaxine, it's just about within the threshold for depression, but I don't feel like it's doing much for me. I don't really want to take the piss by increasing any further without talking to her first.

Saturday was definitely the first opportunity I'd had to fully stop and rest. It also happened to be the same day my mother texted me to tell me that her dad had died in the early hours. Welcome to another episode of "My fucked up family" .... I had no idea how to react. I have no bond with my mother really, and definitely have no memory of her dad. Seriously, it's easily been 15 years since I last saw him. So this is the first time that a death in the 'family' has been met with a solid nothing. I feel very confused by the whole thing. I mean, it's sad and all that she's not got any parents left now but..... I just, don't know. I'm not going to the funeral. That's just one step too far. She asked/checked with me via text that I wasn't coming, so there's that. I'm just glad he's not suffering anymore. Binswanger's disease is a bitch.

On a happier note: the blog hit two milestones this week!!!! 50 bloglovin' followers AND 10k views!!!!!!
I honestly couldn't be happier right now, and planning my celebration giveaway hamper is so much fun. God knows what I'll do if/when 100 rolls around...Thank you all so very much for being here! Seriously!!!

I think that's about it. I'm going to try and get everything back on track this week. I know there's stuff I've forgotten to do and am way behind on!!

Until next time <3

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  1. Hey! Glad you had a lovely time in Nerja, that place really is lovely I spent many a happy time there as a child.

    Wow, thats amazing you went to the fashion show! I would have been nervous too. That is great you went out of your comfort zone.

    Also it's amazing you won the hair cut, My Salon Looks is a great salon, I really want to get my hair done there soon.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡


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