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Ladies; it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you two incredible products: Rapid Brow and Rapid Lash, courtesy of Kilpatrick PR. This is so exciting! I was fortunate enough to receive 'Rapid Brow' in my bag of amazing treats when I met Kilpatrick PR a couple of weeks ago with other blogger friends. There was a twitter 'call' for bloggers wanting to test Rapid Lash so I figured why not try both at once? 

My eyebrows are a disaster zone. Like most girls my age, we were introduced to beauty at a time when pencil thin eyebrows were the only ones deemed acceptable. As such, we have now developed a habit of over-plucking or have destroyed hair growth in places entirely! 

I'm guilty of both, and just to add some crazy into the mix, one of my 'behaviours' triggered by anxiety is hair pulling/plucking/whatever you want to call me pulling my hair out. I don't even realise I'm doing it most of the time. I used to just target my head but at some point I migrated onto my eyebrows. Now they're really un-even, with very sparse patches and very long patches too. 

My eyelashes have remained safe from the crazy, so far, but they aren't the fullest lashes in the world. If I wasn't so shaky, I'd use false eye-lashes, but instead I have to carefully apply multiple coats of mascara to achieve a fuller look.

So Rapid Lash and Rapid Brow are something of a miracle addition to my beauty regime right now and I am so excited to be a part of the #RapidTester group! 

 Rapid Brow : "It's all about the brow..."
"Introducing RapidBrow, from the creators of the multi award-winning RapidLash,– for full, on trend, desirable brows. Brows act to frame your face and can completely transform your look, are anti ageing, and can enhance your features and your make-up. There’s a lot of pressure on those two tiny strips above your eyes! Sparse, overplucked or unmanicured brows can hide beautiful eyes and harden your face. It is therefore RapidBrow’s job to restore healthy, full brows so you can reveal your true beauty. 

RapidBrow® helps transform weak, uneven, sparse brows into healthier-looking
and more beautiful brows. 

Put the Wow Back Into Your Brow!"

Press Release c/o Kilpatrick PR

The secret behind RapidBrow is a clinically proven formula with a Hexatein™ 2 Complex; achieving results as quickly as in 60 days - based on clinical research on 61 participants over 90 days.

What is Hexatein 2 I hear you ask? It certainly isn't a compound or solution that you will be able to find on Wikipedia! Thankfully, RapidBrow can answer our question, with this on their website: "Hexatein™ 2 Complex is a blend of beneficial Peptides, Biotin, Panthenol, Keratin, Apple Fruit Cell, and Sweet Almond Extract; that synergistically help address weak, uneven, sparse brows. It helps renew the youthful appearance of brows, amplify the appearance of volume, boost the appearance of brow density, and add shine, sheen, and softness to the brows." 

Allow me to translate some of the science-talk. A peptide is a short chain of amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. There are many different classes of peptides and are distinguishable from proteins by containing less than approximately 50 amino acids. I'm going to hazard an educated guess that the purpose of these peptides is to bind to an epidermal growth factor, stimulating the layer below the skin responsible for cuticles and hair follicles and triggering faster hair growth.

Press Release c/o Kilpatrick PR
Thank you to RapidBrow for creating this table and saving me a lot of time and research!!! ;)

How do we use RapidBrow? Easy! You just use the mini-applicator brush and sweep it across your eyebrows a few times, in the morning and again in the evening. You do this every day for 8 weeks. Each container should last 2 months if applied as per instructed. You can wear make-up over RapidBrow, just wait for it to dry first.

How much is RapidBrow and where can I find it? RapidBrow will set you back a sharp £37 and is available from Boots and onestopbeauty.

* * * * *

Rapid Lash : "Take your beauty to new lengths"

"RapidLash is a multi-award winning eyelash enhancing serum that helps promote healthy, natural lashes - improving the overall appearance and condition of lashes in just 8 weeks. RapidLash is clinically proven to give up to 50% longer looking* and up to 75% more volume* to lashes, when applied every night.

"A multitude of aggressors affect the condition of eyelashes from mascaras, eyelash curlers, makeup removers, tint and perm treatments to fake eyelashes, glues and medications. Ageing, along with other aggressors, can also affect the condition of eyelashes by weakening and fading the structure of the hair."

Press Release c/o Kilpatrick PR
*Clinical study of 49 participants over 84 days
RapidLash was launched before RapidBrow, so it holds the Hexatein™ 1 Complex formula. Since it's release in 2011, there have been over 1.5 MILLION sales worldwide; gaining many beauty awards on the way, including: Bazaar Beauty Hot 100, Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Winner 2011, Woman and Home 'Best in Beauty' 2011 and Beauty Insiders Choice Winner 2011.  

Much like it's successor, the serum conditions, strengthens and supports hair growth with; "potent polypeptides to amplify and protect; Vital Proteins and Vitamins to replenish, rejuvenate and fortify; and Moisturising and Rejuvenating Agents to add shine and elasticity, lock in moisture and improve durability." 

 Press Release c/o Kilpatrick PR

RapidLash has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, so we don't have to worry excessively about a nasty reaction to the delicate skin on our eyelids!

How do we use RapidLash? It couldn't be easier! All you have to do is apply it once a day, at night, exactly as you would liquid eyeliner. Now, I am absolutely useless with liquid eyeliner but I am finding application method easy enough so I don't think that should really put anyone off. Start in the inner corner of your eye and gently sweep the brush across your lash line. It is important to apply RapidLash to a clean and dry area. Also wait for the area to completely dry before adding additional cosmetics. It is recommended to use RapidLash for 8 weeks to achieve the desired results.

How much is RapidLash and where can I find it? Brace yourselves! RapidLash is a rather scary £39.99 and is available from Boots and RapidLash. That is a lot of money for a little tube! It would take a LOT of convincing to persuade me to part with that amount for a product, so I am very curious to see what happens over the next 8 weeks.  

I am currently on my first week, and will be keeping a photographic record of my eyebrows and eyelashes over the next 8 weeks. There will also be fortnightly check-in's on twitter with the hashtag #RapidTester so you can keep up to date with my fellow testers! At the moment, I'm just thankful that my sensitive skin hasn't objected to the products. Bonus points: These products are NOT tested on animals! 

* * * internet high-five to RapidLash and RapidBrow * * *

Whether I will get luscious lashes and repaired eyebrows that don't need filling in with my trusty make-up brush, remains to be seen. Stay tuned!! :) 

Week One: #RapidTester


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  1. Definitely intrigued about the Rapid Brow... really need something like this that actually works!


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