Ola con Nerja!!!!!!

Hi girls!!!!! :) 

I can't believe I'm writing from here. It's absolutely beautiful. The only downer is that finding wifi isn't as easy as I anticipated so I do feel a bit cut off from you all, but a break from the world of the Internet is good... I guess?! 

I'm writing on my phone so I hope this turns out ok. 

My first flight was not nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be. I still don't know what I expected but the fact of the matter is that despite feeling the sheer power of the engines, I felt safe. It was just such an alien experience. I have never known anything like it. 

Take-off was very scary, I won't lie. You get pinned back into your seat and can feel the thrust engage moments before your stomach and everything else launches into your throat as you leave the ground. 

Another thing that blew my mind was not only the rate at which we climbed into the sky, but just seeing everything from so bloody far up in the sky! I'd always wondered what it would be like. It was magical. The weather was perfect. There were light fluffy clouds lining the coast and floating above the English Channel. It was beautiful. We got to look at the Pyrenees too! 

We were sat in row 3 so the engines were right behind us. My boyfriend was amazingly supportive and proud of me. Bless him. 

The staff at Gatwick were just as wonderful. Getting through the airport was a breeze! We handed in our luggage at the special assistance desk and I got picked up from there. Just as well really, I couldn't tell you how many sedatives I took, but they did the job. 

We didn't really have time to look at the duty free, sadly. But I guess it was a blessing for my bank account. The short time I spent in Ted Baker before I got called back to go to the gate was bliss. I saw three gorgeous bags I wanted! Amazing discounts. Oh well. 

I got taken to the gate in one of those buggy things. I was definitely judged by other passengers who had to walk! I guess they didn't know that it was hard enough staying upright...

Oh. We had a 2 hour bus journey to get to Nerja. We're getting a taxi back to the airport on Friday. That sucked. 

So yeah! I survived! I didn't panic.... God bless the GP who gave me buspirone in such vast quantities! 

Nerja is so picturesque. Our apartment is right on the beach. I couldn't tell you which beach but it's quite small and near a hotel! I'm coping with the language ok. It's actually quite easy! Well, the key things I've needed to say have been easy enough... Ha!

There are two things so far I've seen that have bothered me; stray cats and dogs, and beggars. Both are everywhere. 

We ate out the first night at a restaurant that had no idea about portion sizes, and the entire time we were circled by cats and approached at our table by people selling knock-off crap. 

Yesterday was a quiet day. We went to a supermarket which was like my idea of heaven and just relaxed on the beach! I'm a little bit pink, but not burnt. I've been using factor 30 but apparently not enough! 

Today I think we're going for a bit of an explore into the old town, once we either find somewhere to steal wifi from or happen to come across a wifi bar! I'm writing this in bed as a draft... It's 9am here, so my usual pattern of getting woken up at 8am by Lily hasn't shifted! 

Oh my gosh. Lily was amazing. Zylkene is amazing. She was almost silent in the car, and was happy to lay down in her carrier with the door open. When we got to the cattery she stayed in there but let Anita - her cattery auntie - into her pen to say hello and she didn't hiss!!!!! She stayed laying/crouching down and just looked at us! Anita said she could see Lily swallowing like she was fighting back the hiss, but seemed a lot calmer! 

Amazing!!!!!!!!! She has her aromatherapy thingy hung up inside her pen, so hopefully that helps too. I'm both looking forward to and dreading her report on Friday! 

Ill do my best to upload pictures to my Instagram so make sure you're following me on there! 

I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you ;) I hope you're all having a good week? I really miss talking to you all! 

Lots of sunshine and love <3 

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