Nerja : the pictures and videos!

I hope you're comfortable because you're going to be here for a while! ;)

From Sunday to Friday, I took 505 pictures and 34 videos..... Tourist, much?! Haha...

candyfloss_011's Nerja 13 album on Photobucket

Now for the videos!!!! First up; my initial thoughts while waiting at Gatwick Airport... Fair warning, I look like hell.

TAKEOFF!!!!!! I could watch this a hundred times and still feel overwhelmed...

LANDING AT MALAGA!!!! I still don't know if I hate take-off or landing more...

Hello!!!!! :)

View from our apartment :)


Cats. So. Many. Cats. I miss them so much! If I were of a religious disposition I'd pray for them.

The Balcon!

Heaven. Just.... Heaven!

Cute little fountain and rock pool!

I had to do this.....

You can tell the difference between 'proper' bands like this and beggars trying their luck...

Final evening, checking in! :)

At Malaga Airport...

Take off, number 2! Back to Gatwick...

First time seeing clouds from above! AMAZING!!!!!

Passing THROUGH clouds into Gatwick Airport... OMG! (includes landing)


  1. Amazing how much calmer you look on the way home LOL the place looks gorgeous bet my son will love it! x

  2. I'm hoping to visit Nerja when I'm in looks so beautiful x

  3. Nerja!! Amazing post, loving your videos - such a cute idea.

    Glad you had a great time.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡


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