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Oh yes. I brought some food back from Nerja. Not from anywhere special, just a regular supermarket. Exploring it was the most fun I'd had in a long time - how sad is that?! It was absolutely nothing that hauling yourself around Tesco or Sainsburys. One thing I noticed immediately was that the fruit and veg aisle was absolutely packed, and not just that, but the quality of the produce was not just incredible but vastly cheaper.

YUM!!!! :) All of this cost me less than 25 Euros. I am 99% sure that this little haul would cost more than £25. Oh, and incase you hadn't noticed, I have no idea how to type in the euro symbol!! Moving on... 

GUACAMOLE!!!! This came as a massive surprise. I have always loathed avocados in this country, and guacamole in particular. But I tried this absolute gem of a product on the very afternoon I arrived in Nerja and it blew me away. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!!! These pots are 200g, and just half is less than 160 calories of goodness. Yes, I know avocados are very fatty, but it's good fat and apparently it's ok to consume them! These good fats are a real weapon against anxiety and depression too, just so you know... ;) 

This might sound weird, but I had a funny thought as I was wandering around the supermarket. I thought about my earlier blog posts when I bought a few chocolatey items from Cybercandy and being rather critical at times, so I figured why not buy some spanish chocolate and see what happens. It was tricky to find this. I didn't want to buy milka or dairy milk, what's the point? They have a solid recipe that won't vary much at all... 

Spanish garlic is pretty amazing. I believe it was our first night when we went out to eat and I ordered a tomato and garlic salad for a starter, and had my head practically blown off my the raw garlic! Naturally, I had to take some home to play with. 

You can't go to Spain and not bring back some chorizo. I really wanted to bring back some cured ham too but it was quite expensive. I'm pretty sure the boyfriends mum will be bringing some back with her so I might be able to pinch a pack. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this is like!! :)

This is a tiramisu cake and it is my new obsession. I cannot fault it and they are so darn moreish!!!!! They're pretty lethal in terms of calories, at 260 a pack, especially when you can't stop eating them!!!! But god, it's so worth it. They're not overly powerful with the coffee so if you wanted to bring people over to the dark side then this might be a good way to start. I keep them in the fridge, but they were just sat out with the fresh bread in the shop so I'm guessing they'll do just fine in a cupboard. I've frozen one and it was pretty epic. My only regret was not buying more. I'm currently fighting against asking for another supply from the boyfriends mum!!! They cost 30 cents each..... frikking AMAZING. 

It's colourful pasta. What more can I say?! I didn't actually eat pasta once when I was in Nerja - it was too hot! But I really can't help myself when I see colourful things. It's pretty much a universal thing. I have big plans for this pasta!! :) 

I have a nut allergy. I love muesli. These two things aren't really compatible, so when I find an acceptable nut-free version it is a pretty big deal. Please don't ask me why they printed 1000g instead of 1kg. I don't know but it's bugging me. There is a part of me wondering if this muesli is a German import, purely by the umlaut on the brand name, but I don't know enough about Spanish language to be sure. Either way, I had this amazing little find every day for breakfast with watermelon and apricots with a little yogurt and it was heavenly. 

These are wonderful little snacks!!!! They're basically the ends of baguettes, which have been toasted and bombarded with incredible flavour. Incase you weren't sure, on the left we have tomato and herb, and on the right is garlic and herb. Once again, the garlic will keep dracula at bay for decades. But they're wonderful!!! I bought two packs of each and they're not going to last long!!!

Last but not least, I wouldn't be much of a food blogger if I didn't buy some form of ingredients. The collection of herbs and spices on offer was pretty overwhelming to be honest. I could only confidently identify a few, and didn't have a dictionary to hand! So I have paprika, saffron and a chilli sauce. I'm really excited to use this paprika, as it's so key to spanish cooking and probably has an entirely different flavour to the stuff I get from Tesco.

So that's what I brought back with me! If anyone knows of any good sources of spanish products, please let me know!!!! I have absolutely fallen in love with the cuisine and would be very happy to use more authentic ingredients for my recipes!  

I miss Nerja!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Those pan tostadas would last all of five seconds with me. I'm jealous of your food haul goodies!


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