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Ola! :) 

Gosh. It's hard to get back into the swing of things after a break isn't it?! I feel terribly guilty but I'm just so tired and confused by what needs doing. This is what happens when I don't write things down. Lesson learned! But I think I'm getting things back in order now...

Anyway. Today I thought I'd share what products I took away with me! I cannot tell you how hard it was to strip my usual stash down to the bare essentials. It was quite anxiety provoking!! I bought most of what you see here from Wilkinsons, to try and save a few pennies.

Before you ask, no this wasn't in my suitcase!! The boyfriend got the vast majority of the heavy stuff I was taking... Ha! We were still way under our 40kg limit, go us!! :)

The basics : smelling nice and caring for your skin

So, so important!! I went for a very strong deodorant in the form of Mitchum. I used to use it when I was very active with gym classes and running, and never had any issues with smelling like something evil. I also used a spray-on deodorant by Sure because I'm paranoid and also use it as something of a perfume during the day. I'm weird like that.

As I have very sensitive skin anyway, being in the Spanish sun was only going to serve to cause more issues, so I decided to get a very nourishing body wash from Dove. It really did the job. Not once did my skin feel tight or dry, even after being out all day and being in the sea and/or pool! The after sun gel by Garnier was a bit of an extravagance, costing around the £4 mark but it was worth every single penny. I recommend keeping it in the fridge if you're going to be out all day. It also seems to be encouraging my skin to hold it's tan, which is really unusual for me!!

Yes. There is a lack of suncream here because I didn't buy any. The boyfriends mum took a vast amount with her when she flew out before us. It's brilliant stuff from Ultrasun. I used factor 30 on my face, scars and tattoos; and factor 20 everywhere else. I didn't burn, but did go a bit pink initially.

No-one likes dull teeth and bad breath. Or bugs.

I have a thing with toothpaste, and oral hygiene in general really. I don't know if it's because I have a tongue piercing, but I really can't tolerate feeling like my mouth isn't 'clean'. I first came across this Oral B toothpaste in Cosmo, when there was a small sample with the magazine. It is one of few that I was actually impressed by. I usually opt for Arm and Hammer but the whitening from this toothpaste seems to be better. Plus I love the minty taste.

I took Lanacane with me because I'm a bug magnet and the thought of not having immediate relief to hand made me want to cry! It's absolutely brilliant stuff and you can even use it on your cats and dogs if they get a bite or a patch of irritated skin.

The war against my awful skin continued...

This really was a hard one. I had no idea how my skin was going to react to the change in climate and being out in the sun so much. These are a feature of my daily skin routine so it seemed like a fatal mistake to change it just to save some weight allowance! I kept the benefit moisturiser in it's box to protect it while it was in transit, and was the right decision. I have to say that I think coalface from Lush was once again the hero of this whole collection. Having to have suncream on underneath my make-up made for something of a build-up but it managed to scrub my face totally clean. I loved using the benefit triple performing moisturiser at night. It was so refreshing and reassuring! I used the mask of magnaminty once during my trip, on the middle day to give my skin a really deep clean and something of a calming treatment.

Dealing with the 'fro... ;)

Yep. All this for my annoying hair!! It starts with the baby shampoo, then onto the Herbal Essences. I used almost the entire bottle of conditioner over the space of the holiday. Yikes. It was necessary though! Before I left I did a deep conditioning treatment from the same range of Herbal Essences, so really I did everything I could there to save my hair from the sun. I also took with me the Tresemme heat defense spray, layer defining creme and hairspray. Oh, and of course the holy grail of frizz control: John Frieda Frizz-Ease!! This all worked like a charm until the second to last day, when the humidity took a real leap upwards. Not bad, all things considered!

Sedona Lace LOVE

I don't know where I'd be without these incredible brushes now. I'm just about familiar enough with them now that I don't need to refer to the guide for which brush to use. They were an absolute god send when I was applying my foundation and powder; definitely stopped me from applying too much! Plus I used the smaller brushes in the evenings when I played with my eye-shadow palette for going out. LOVE!!!!!


In Nerja, you don't want to wear a lot of make-up. Seriously.  It's too frigging hot and having your make-up running down your face is not a good look. Without a doubt, Benefit POREfessional was my saving grace. I found Benefit's fake-up concealer to be slightly greasy for daytime wear but was fine for the evening. In terms of foundations, it's a really close call and I think it rests more on how my skin is behaving. Maybelline dream matte mouse and Benefit oxygen wow are both amazing products. I used the Natural Collection green correction stick on any redness, and Maybelline illuminating concealer ontop. The Natural Collection Colour Lash brown mascara was a brilliant base to wear during the day. I applied two coats of this before adding one coat of Max Factor False Lash effect to both the upper and lower lashes. Vast amounts of Vaseline was used to protect my lips from the sun!!

Cheeky Duty-Free Purchase ;)

I cannot actually believe this is all I bought from duty-free. Well, I kind of can. I bagged this in Malaga airport departures. I could have caused mayhem for my bank account at Gatwick departures, but I was far too sedated to move. Blessing in disguise? I don't know. I'm still a bit annoyed that I didn't even get to see what was there, but I'm sure there will be other chances. I'm really happy with this little find! It smells gorgeous!!!! :) I also have a feeling that the 'skin boost' might be something similar to POREfessional but it needs further testing before I can really comment. I can't remember what I paid... and as yet the receipt remains illusive but I know it's somewhere!

So that's the beauty segment of my holiday.... I fully intended to take pictures of my make-up, outfits and all that good stuff but for various reasons it just didn't happen. I'm pretty sure that over the next couple of months I'll recreate them! :)

What would you take on holiday? Do you have any must-haves when you go away?


  1. Your skincare makes me wishI could be bothered to do more with mine. Is the false lash effect worth it? I need a super volumising mascara

    1. It's a pretty old mascara, and I have a feeling there are better ones on the market now to be perfectly honest. I've always had problems with it clumping and being a general pain in the backside. I've heard amazing things about Benefit's 'they're real' but it's like £20 so that's one hell of a leap of faith! >.<


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