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Hi friends! :)
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I'd like to introduce you to some new friends; mysalonlooks,based in Hove. They first came to my attention a few months ago when they hosted a blogger event. I've been following them on twitter since then. They're a really lovely group of people!

A couple of weeks ago they ran a competition on Twitter for a free cut and colour with their senior staff, and I WON!! My hair was crying out for some serious help after Nerja so this really couldn't have come at a better time! 

mysalonlooks Hovemysalonlooks Hove

mysalonlooks Hove : iPadmysalonlooks Hove : coffee and macaroon

The salon is absolutely gorgeous!!!! They have the latest ghd hairdryer which I have totally fallen in love with after the results Lauren got. Of course, I am nowhere near as talented as her but every little helps! Even if the price tag is £99... Ouch. Every place also had an iPad to play on while waiting for colourants to do their thing. Pretty cool!!! I've never used one before and was painfully aware of the value of what I had in my hands. It was great though. 

They also have great coffee and the macaroons tasted out of this world!!!! 

I felt utterly spoilt. 

ThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks HoveThatRedheadSaid : floral skirt and cute sandals

ThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove hair colouring in progressThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove hair colouring in progress

ThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove iPad

We had a chat about what colour(s) we were going to use on my hair during my skin test on Wednesday, with my appointment being on Friday. I wanted to keep the red, of course, but was getting a bit bored with the chocolate brown underneath so we went for a brown/purple mix and also added in some ridiculously bright red colourant to brighten up the red. I don't do subtle... I was photographed during the whole operation, as true to form I looked awkward as hell... So just focus on the hair and hairdresser! ;)
ThatRedheadSaid at mysalonlooks Hove
ThatRedheadSaid at mysalonlooks Hove
ThatRedheadSaid at mysalonlooks Hove
I'm such a dork. Haha!!!!

The oasis area is absolutely amazing. You get to lay (not totally horizontally) on a massage chair that passes rollers up and down your back and legs. The lights get turned down and you can look at the multi-coloured lights change on the ceiling. Seriously, I was in HEAVEN and I challenge you to not fight dropping off to sleep. I want one of those chairs, and I will make sure that my house has that lighting situation going on. Seriously. Amazing. It reminded me of the spa at Center Parcs!

I also got to see what all the fuss was about with Moroccan Oil! Wowza. My hair had never felt better, like, ever. I can't think of a word to describe it accurately enough.. If I think of one I'll put it *here*. Also, if I could afford Moroccan Oil, I'd totally stock up on it but alas, I am poor and will become poorer once my studentship at Sussex University starts! I also know I need to keep an eye out for sulphate-free haircare products as they rip colour out of your hair faster. I'm adept at scrutinizing the backs of food packets, but shampoo bottles will be a new one!

The things we have to do to do keep our hair looking amazeballs! Boys have no idea. Especially my boyfriend, as the baldness gene caught him at the grand age of 20. Bless.

OH! I do have to mention the mini heart-attack that I believe the director of the salon gave me and the poor lady on reception! He was going for just making her jump, but ended up with her leaping about a meter in the air and my burying my head in my hands! My more regular readers will know that I can't do loud, sudden noises... It was NOT COOL!!!

But as I was getting a very expensive present from them I forgave him this once.... I'll be visiting them once I live in Brighton so my revenge will come! ;)

ThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove : coloured and styled hairThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove : coloured and styled hair

ThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove : coloured and styled hairThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove : coloured and styled hair

We kept the layers, and just shaped them a bit more. I'm also really starting to like the 'big hair' look!!! A few years back I'd avoid it like the plague, but now I'm really starting to feel it! I love how healthy my hair looks after a trip to the hairdressers. Probably because I have to leave it way too long in-between visits! God, I was so embarrassed at the state of my hair but what's a girl to do!? Red hair dye and sunshine is never going to end well, no matter what products you put on your hair to protect it!!

My hair is naturally quite wavy, but I'd like to be able to accentuate it more, so I think my next task is to seek out a tool that can help me. Preferably not a straightening iron as I am just not capable of that sort of technique. I'll be covered in burns! Something pretty idiot proof... ;) If anyone knows of anything, let me know!
ThatRedheadSaid : mysalonlooks Hove : coloured and styled hair

So if you're in the Brighton area, I really think you should give myhair a go! They also have mybeauty for all your beautifying needs and mytan salon if you want to get your bronze on. If you book online you get a whopping 50% off your cut, what more do you want?! That's epic!

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram!!

Huuuuuuuuuuge thank you to the lovely people at MySalonLooks for such a wonderful afternoon and an amazing prize. You've definitely gained a loyal customer out of me - sorry about that! ;)

Until next time <3

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  1. I love the new hair. You are so unbelieveably gorgeous


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