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Today I'm going to introduce you to some very special biscuits from Cottage Delight; Stem Ginger! If you're of the anxious-predisposition, and get bouts of nausea that grip you so hard it's impossible to eat, ginger biscuits are pretty darn fantastic. I'm sure most of us know by now that ginger is used as a home-remedy for managing nausea and unsettled tummies. 

I am a recent convert to the power of ginger. When I first entered recovery I was suffering badly with gastritis. My excessive alcohol use had effectively melted the lining of my stomach. I cannot describe just how painful and nauseating this condition is!! My life began to revolve around ginger: biscuits, tea, non-alcoholic soft drinks, crackers... anything made with a lot of ginger, I tried! I even got so desperate I ate it raw. Once.

A few uses of ginger have become firm favourites: biscuits and cakes; beers and ales. I'll drink ginger tea if I need to but I don't think the thought "I fancy some ginger tea" will really appear without good cause.

In case you were wondering; stem ginger is the variety that has been preserved in a syrup, so it is the obvious choice for biscuits and cakes!

What's going down in ingredient-ville? 

Not a lot! You'll find everything but the inverted sugar syrup in your cupboards! There's a hint of ground ginger, which is what will give a little kick and save the biscuits from perhaps being overly sweet and one-dimensional. 

Calories? Well.. there's no shortage of those! The pack is 175g, so there's 887 kcals per pack. I think there were 16 biscuits, so we're looking at around 55 kcals per biscuit which isn't the end of the world by any stretch. In fact, that's pretty low! Not that it makes it ok to eat the whole pack yourself; there's a fair chunk of saturated fat in there! Again, not a bad thing. We need fat to live and function as humans, much like we need biscuits for the same reason. It's all about moderation. 

I'll be the first to admit I struggle when there's an open packet in the cupboard, and after trying just one of these biscuits I found it incredibly hard to stop! Indeed, I demolished about two thirds of the pack before I could finally stop! So, be warned! 

These are incredibly moreish and have the most incredible texture and punchy ginger flavour. It's a very unique texture; think hobnob and combine it with a doughy cookie. The slight chewy texture I believe comes from the stem ginger, and it's just fantastic. Combined with a lovely hot mug of tea? Heaven. Pure heaven.

 The aftertaste of these gorgeous biscuits is the potent ground ginger. It's not over-powering, but a gentle hum that hangs around for ages, making you want another, and another! They're not thin biscuits either, you get a good bite out of them. Very important factor when looking for a good biscuit. It'll stand up to the challenge of a dunk, if that's what you're into.

Remember that Peter Kay bit? "Again! Again! Dip me again! I'm going nowhere me son; dip me!" 

These truly lovely biscuits will cost you £3.90 from Cottage Delight and they're worth every penny. They'd be a lovely present for a foodie friend! :) There is also an English Toffee variety for those with more of a sweet tooth! 

What's your favourite biscuit? Are you a dunker? How do you deal with that heartbreaking moment when the biscuit falls into your tea - or brew, as Peter Kay would say! 

Until next time! <3

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  1. YUM! I lovveeeee ginger biscuits, they are SO great for settling the tummy too, I always eat them when I've had a sick bug or feeling under the weather. Great review :)

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡


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