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I'm back with another review from the wonderful people at Cottage Delight! It's been way too long, and I can legitimately blame the weather for this one. It's actually been too hot for cake lately, but it's incessant shouting from the cupboard got the better of me a few days ago!

You might recall from my first post, that I was very generously sent a lovely package full of goodies to try. This included two cakes - cue happy dance, mine's like this - and it really was just a case of whichever one I happened to grab first; so today I'm bringing you Cherry Sponge in all it's fruity goodness. 

I love cherries in cakes, and was really happy to see that they were pretty evenly distributed throughout the sponge and they weren't exactly being frugal with them either! In keeping with the laws of cake, I sampled mine with a nice big mug of tea. Although, upon reflection this cake would easily handle some ice cream. 

The ingredients list isn't exactly what you'd find in your kitchen cupboard at first glance, but it's not as bad as it might seem. I sent Cottage Delight a little email about the emulsifiers they use, and in a nutshell it's too keep things consistent! The emulsifiers give an even rise, moistness and a more predictable shelf life. Obviously these are important factors when producing batches for commercial sale. It wouldn't be too good if one batch tasted or looked different to it's counterpart! There are no nasty things lurking, that's the main thing.

The sponge itself is dense, but certainly not heavy or dry. It reminded me of Madeira cake! The cherry sponge tastes, and looks, home-made and certainly has that 'feel' about it. It's very comforting and I didn't stand a chance with it being opened and in the cupboard. Oh well, my bikini season is over now anyway! 

This cake will easily go between 6 people with generous portions, and would be ideal if you're holding a little gathering but don't want anything too fancy. In other words, if you want to pass something off as your own work, then this is great. But I think you should give Cottage Delight the credit.

I would serve this cake with a stronger flavoured tea, as this cake is rather sweet and you need something to counter-balance it. If you wanted to go down the dessert road, some vanilla ice cream and fresh cherries with dark chocolate shavings would work great. 

Everything about this cake just screams "eat me", don't you think?

This lovely little loaf cake will set you back a modest £3.40. So what are you waiting for? Go and order one! Your family will thank you for it! :) If cherries really aren't your thing, there are 16 other varieties to choose from!

You can find Cottage Delight on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so go and say hi! 

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