ATOS : Limited capability for work questionnaire

The saga begins... 

It finally arrived. I've been waiting for this bomb to land on my doorstep for way too long now. In a way I'm sort of glad, at least now we can just do this and get it over with. We all know by now how awful ATOS are and I'm not naive enough to think that I'm in for an easy time of it, but for now at least, I have enough fight in me to be able to stick up for myself and call them on any bullshit. I'm expecting a lot of that. They treat everyone like criminals, and those with mental health conditions especially so. It's no wonder they have so many deaths on their hands.

I have been on the 'old system' of income support etc since 2006. I know how bad that is, but I couldn't exactly help being so poorly. To be honest, 3 of those years can be written off because I was a prisoner to my ex and every penny of my disability living allowance went on bills or his food.

Anyway. I think this booklet is slightly shorter than the DLA form... There are 20 pages in total but I can discount a few as they are for cancer treatments or other non applicable things.

Personally, I have always wondered what the inside of these booklets of doom were full of so why not share mine? Obviously, I haven't written in it yet! ;)

I was told that I may or may not get called in for a medical assessment. It will rest on my booklet. That's bollocks and we all know it. I'm a mental health patient. I'm going to be called in and I will attend, complete with a dictaphone. Oh yes, I'm covering my bases.

So here we go:

So there we are! That's the ATOS work capability questionnaire. I have until the end of July to get this filled in and sent back, which shouldn't be a problem really.... I'm a little bit scared this will cause a set-back, but trying to stay logical and I'll use the support of the day hospital as much as I can. They're painfully aware of what this can do to people.

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