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"Want the salon look without the price tag? With high shine, intense colour coverage and an extra glossy finish the Salon Shine Nail Polishes give you a professional finish nail that you can achieve at home. With five exciting shades to choose from, be it baby pink Taylor or tangerine Mila you'll be spoilt for choice!"

Well this is more new ground being covered right here!!! I've always admired people who can wear nail polish, but resigned myself to being one of those people that was just too clumsy for it. Whenever I'd go to the trouble of painting my nails - trust me, it's an ordeal. I have such unsteady and shaky hands! - the polish would last less than 24 hours before being chipped or peeling off. My nails aren't terribly strong either, and I've generally got at least a couple of nails threatening to split. So that's why I stopped bothering a long time ago, until the discovery of 2true

Myself, and four other lucky bloggers were introduced to 2true cosmetics during a meeting with Kilpatrick PR on 19th July in Brighton, at the MyHotel bar. This gorgeous shade immediately caught my eye and I couldn't wait to try it, despite my reservations from past experience!

"Nails have never been bigger, and whether you're arty or elegant, brand new range 2true Pro has the tools to let you carry your look from head to toe! 2true Pro promises all the fun, flavour and trendiness of 2true with added benefits and technological advancements that make each product professional quality, without the price tag!"

Of course; I had to test this polish out for durability!! 

Here we have my nails yesterday, not long after being painted - hence the remains of some polish around the nails I couldn't get off without risking the entire nail. I'm really that clumsy.

This was this morning - after a hot shower and washing the dishes! AMAZING. I was fully expecting to see some of the polish coming away in some manner, but it's holding strong. That's Lily's belly by the way. I was after some colour contrast! ;)

The Mila shade matches my outfit for today perfectly, I think! It's a mix of a neon orange and a coral. Really pretty and unique colour. 2true have advertised this as a tangerine, which I guess I can see.

I applied one coat of Mila over a 'strengthening base coat' by 17. A base coat is recommended to help prevent staining.

Overall, this nail polish is a very pleasant surprise! What's even more awesome is you can buy these nail polishes in Superdrug for just £4!! Bonus awesome: There's a 3 for 2 on at the moment! :)

I really recommend giving them a try!

Until next time <3


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