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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of green tea. Even with it's amazing health-boosting properties, it just doesn't agree with my taste buds. What I used to do was either drown it in splenda or opt for the teas that were combined with fruit. This is where I had my light-bulb moment!

This is a super-tasting-super-cool smoothie that will give you all the benefits that come from fruit and green tea and none of the questions about whether or not it tastes alright! I hope, anyway!!

  • 1 mao feng green tea teabag
  • 1 pint boiling water
  • frozen fruit - tropical mix is best
Aren't I good to you?! ;) Just three elements to this little creation! I love keeping things simple. 

So. What we're going to do first is stick our teabag into our trusty jug and cover with a pint of boiling water. Let it sit for a good 30-40 minutes. By now, it should be tepid at best. 

Grab the glass you're going to serve your smoothie in, and fill it with your fruit of choice. I'd stick to citrus-type fruits; I can't imagine a banana green tea smoothie being terribly nice! 

Put your fruit into a blender. Fill your serving glass with your green tea and add that to your frozen fruit. Gently pulse until it becomes a smoothie!

Serve immediately and enjoy the fruity goodness! 

You may or may not be able to taste the green tea, depending on how strong you make it. By all means, use 2 or even 3 teabags if you really want to know it's there. But here, I was going for a sneak attack like you do with fussy 3 year olds that won't eat their vegetables. Muahahahaha.

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