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A fancy twist on the master of brain-freeze torture, the slushie! I have absolutely no idea what the popularity of the slushie is to today's children, but when I was in middle school these were the absolute must-have drink in the summer. 

This is so, so easy and insanely nice to drink. Plus, it looks like a beer or cider which comforts the part of me that feels left out. This recipe is also perfect if you have leftover tea from making cupcakes as I did!

All you need to do is get your glass of tea and empty it out into your blender. 

   Using the same glass, fill it as much as you can with crushed ice and add that to your tea.

Gently, and patiently, pulse until you have something that resembles the humble slushie. This might take a few minutes but it's totally worth it!!!! 

Once you have your icy mixture, spoon out some slush to fill your glass, then pour in the ice cold tea to cover as much as you like.
Enjoy!!! :) 

That's all there is to it! I couldn't bring myself to add any extra flavouring to this tea. It's absolutely perfect the way it is!! 

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Until next time! <3

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