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This is my first scheduled post!! Haha. It was bugging me so much having my last two 'Sunday Ramble' posts being published on a Monday.

This week has been a rough ride, but I've made it.. There is a LOT of change and scary things happening almost all the time now. It's becoming slightly overwhelming but I'm working hard on trying to stay 'in today' because the phrase/idea of 'in the moment' just isn't something I can do. My mind races far too much for that kind of nonsense. Hell, if I can stay in the current week it's progress.

I think the most stressful thing has to be dealing with the department for work and pensions and the student loan company. I posted off my signed declaration on Thursday. As expected, my national insurance number being in the student loan system triggered the shift I have been dreading; because I have been unwell for such a long time I'm well into the old benefit system and probably among the last to be changed to ESA. I got the letter this week and have already spoken to a nice enough lady on the phone who tried to explain what will happen next. That was actually quite a nice touch. I have a question pack coming which sounds very similar to the DLA application, it's got a 4 week deadline from when it arrives. Joy. Apparently, depending on the amount of information I provide I may not have to attend the infamous medical, but I know it's going to happen. One step at a time though! >.<

The day hospital stressed me out this week and I'm not sure why. I'm working my arse off there and forcing myself to share in Stress Management. Maybe that's the problem, but I need to learn to talk. This is practice for university, damn it. I had to ask my keyworker about my medication as I wasn't sure who was dealing with the repeats, and happened to catch a glimpse of the letter my psychiatrist sent to my GP. She offered a diagnosis, which looked to me like 'emotionally unstable personality disorder' but I cannot be sure as I only saw part of it very quickly. If that is the case, I am PISSED OFF because I do not match ANY criteria. I am going to talk to her again on Thursday and see what's going on. I can see a heated discussion on the cards.


On a happier note: There's a few changes around the blog!!

The biggest change has to be finally being able to claim the URL 'thatredheadsaid' on blogspot! I tried to bag this when I started but it was taken. I debated having my own domain but it scared me too much. Haha!! I loooooove having a shorter URL. Even I found the old one a pain in the backside so god knows what everyone else thought. But it's fixed now! :)

You might also have noticed the scrolling pink discounts in the sidebar. These offers are provided by lovemyvouchers are updated daily from top UK stores! All you need to do is copy the code, then click on the link in the advert and apply it at the checkout stage. Simples! :) If you'd like to have this on your blog, just click here to sign up, and add my blog URL as the referral.

I've added a couple of new tabs to hopefully help with navigation and also joined SheSaidBeauty! I'm really re-discovering my love of skincare and make-up, I just feel so out-of-touch with it all. It's amazing what parts of yourself you forget you lost to illness until they come back.

This upcoming week is going to be very hard. It's the final countdown to my first ever flight and I am SO. NOT. READY. I need to get a suitcase, clothes that will fit my gross body and make sure that my medications are sorted and I have my clearance letter from the GP. The temperature in Nerja has been holding at 34 degrees for a while now, which is hardly easing my anxiety. I'm so scared.

A week from now I will probably be sat here writing a really crazed ramble as it will be a matter of hours before I get on a plane and the boyfriend will probably be sleeping.

On that note, I'm going to go to bed and try to sleep!

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