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I'm going to talk about something a little different today.

As you probably know by now, I am a devoted animal lover and fiercely passionate about their welfare; so when I saw a tweet from Bloggers Needed calling for pet lovers I jumped at the chance to be of help!

It turns out, there are far, far too many pet owners who aren't doing their duty when it comes to caring for them. This makes me angry. I just cannot understand how people can decide to bring an innocent little animal into their home, and not take care of it's medical needs.

There is no NHS for animals. They rely on us. To put it simply, before you take on a pet for the next 10+ years you need to know that you can afford it. If you can't, then it will have to wait. This might sound harsh, but that's the reality!

Lily has her own credit card specifically for emergency vet care, and is insured for life with Pet Plan.

Our Weird & Wonderful Pet Obsessions! – An infographic by Pet Health Info


That is an absolute disgrace. Dogs are at risk of parvovirus and cats could develop feline leukemia. Both can be fatal. Both are preventable. I'm fairly certain that if/when you had a baby, you took him/her to the doctor for injections when requested. It's exactly the same thing. It's just unfortunate for our furry companions that they have to go annually for a booster. Think of it like a flu jab, or an investment. You pay the once yearly cost of the booster injection - it's around the £50 mark - so you don't have to spend thousands if they contract the disease. Or I could go another route and suggest that the minor discomfort and stress of a vet trip and injection is nothing compared to the suffering that failing to vaccinate them would create.

We cannot show such love for our pets as the statistics above suggest, and then neglect something so vital. It makes no sense, and there is no excuse for it. Failing to vaccinate our best friends is hurting them. I'm certain that no-one reading this right now would even entertain the idea of causing physical harm to an utterly defenseless animal.

You might be thinking to yourself that I'm overreacting, or being too harsh. PDSA have released information saying that 11 MILLION pets will die from preventable disease in the next decade and that 4 million dogs are not vaccinated or neutered. The number of cats that have failed to be neutered or vaccinated is approximately 5.7 million. 

Failing to neuter your pets not only leaves the window wide open for the pet population to increase even more, and render more poor little souls trapped in rehoming centers or foster care, or god forbid abandoned or be put down just because they cannot find a home. There is also an increased risk of cancer later in life if your cat or dog isn't neutered.

Take my cat: Lily. She's almost 3. I found her in the Friday Ad and brought her home on my birthday when she was 9 weeks old. Having also had 2 dogs when I was living at my mums house, I knew about insurance and vaccinations, microchipping and neutering. I spent a lot of time prior to actively looking for a cat, looking at my budget and working the cost of owning a pet into it. Once I was certain I could comfortably support my new friend, I found one.

She was always going to be an indoor cat. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to whether cats should be kept inside or not. I made my decision and I stand by it wholeheartedly. Despite the fact that she wouldn't be coming into contact with other cats or dogs, I still took her for her first set of injections within days of adopting her. She was spayed as soon as she was old enough and had a microchip fitted at the same time. Was it a waste of money? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

She has advocate treatments once every 4 weeks to protect her from fleas and worms, and every September she has to have her booster. It is what it is. This isn't rocket science, folks. I always make sure I have enough money ready for when she's due some more advocate or her booster is coming up. Lily has to be up-to-date with vaccinations and flea treatments before she can stay at the cattery. This protects her as much as the other boarders.

Here's some money saving tips: 
  • Buy advocate in bulk, it's vastly cheaper in the long run!
  • Your vet may hold vaccination and neutering amnesties; so you can get these at a far lower price. 
  • PDSA offer vet care to those on means tested benefits. 
  • Your current vet may be able to offer a payment plan for you if you are unable to pay the full amount at once. 
  • Always 'vet' your vets to make sure you're paying a fair price.
I could go on, but I think I've made my initial point clear: Please, please vaccinate your cats and dogs. If you don't, you're actively putting them in a very real danger of a painful death.

From OxO, Lily, Millie and their mummy; Thank you. 

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  1. Hey! Great post about something that a lot of people neglect to do these days!

    And can I just say how refreshing it is to find another blog that talks about mental health so frankly and honestly? Way too much stigma surrounding it these days!

    I followed your blog and look forward to more :)

    1. That's quite a compliment!! Thank you so much!! Lovely to have you here :)


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