Monthly Musings : June

I cannot believe it's June. Seriously, why is time just flying by now? I don't like it!

The past month has been pretty eventful! Highlights were definitely Center Parcs, and working with teapigs and Duerr's! It probably sounds daft but I got so excited when they acknowledged me as a blogger and were actually willing to send me their product. I've also 'met' a lot more bloggers lately and gained some new followers from the Bloggers Bunch Blog Hop!

I've been having great fun with my Sedona Lace make-up brushes and eyeshadows. My skin is slowly improving thanks to using Lush products! I honestly don't think I could live without coalface soap and a twice weekly face mask anymore. I still use freederm products, but have recently swapped my vaseline moisturiser for freederm oil free and oh my word the difference is amazing. I think I know what my skin needs now so hopefully things are finally under control! 

My wardrobe got something of an update too, and I actually wore my Next bikinis when we went swimming at Center Parcs! That was very scary and a massive challenge. I did pack my trusty one-piece just incase I decided to bottle it!! I wore the black one for our spa visit and the polka-dot to the main swimming pool. In hindsight, next time I will swap those around. I was so, so aware of my body at first and it wasn't terribly nice but it passed, especially when I realised that the reason I happened to catch anyone looking at my stomach or hips was because of my tattoos! I really forget they're there most of the time. Either way, it was another little victory for me!

I also submitted my student loan application, which was pretty damn scary. Not just because it's getting ever closer, but actually seeing how much debt I will be carrying once my first three years are over with: £27k in tuition fees and £15k approximately in maintenance loans. That's £42k for a BSc Medical Neuroscience from Sussex University. Obviously, I want to do a masters and/or a PhD so I really dread to think what sort of figure it will be by the end!

I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet, but I think it's pretty safe to say that I will never be a medical doctor. By the time I will be in a position to apply for graduate entry, I will be 29! That's way too old!! Plus, I think that there are some aspects of medicine that psychologically, I would just not be able to cope with. Ever. It doesn't feel like I'm 'settling' by choosing neuroscience, which is a huge relief. I wouldn't mind holding a PhD in neuroscience! :)

Of course, September is a way off yet and there's plenty of opportunity for my brain to fail me and I'll just end up on the checkouts at Tesco, or even worse stuck on job seekers allowance because no-one will employ a girl that's been out of work since the age of 18 with a string of mental health issues. To be fair, I wouldn't mind being sat at the tills going 'beep, beep, beep' and having a good old nose at what people buy!


June has some pretty big events in it: seeing Hugh Laurie in concert, my first sobriety birthday, my first time on a plane AND my first holiday abroad. Wow.

I will be continuing to put out recipes for teapigs cocktails and also some baking if my experiments turn out to be a success! I also plan to do some very classical baking using Duerr's jam which is very cool. I'm going to be giving away a lot of cake in the near future!!

Lily has a vet trip looming which is never fun.

The boyfriend and I also need come up with a plan for when to move and actively start looking for flats. I've been keeping an eye on prices and where would be most practical for us to live, but it does partially rest on my income situation!

Oh! AND I have to leave my art therapy group and start 'stress management' in the next couple of weeks. The only plus side is that it starts at 1.30pm so I don't have to contend with a morning alarm... Haha! 

Busy. Stressful. Scary.

Have you got any big plans for this month? Grabbed a cheeky last minute holiday? Festivals? Let me know! ;)

Until next time <3


  1. Wow! You have had a busy month. I hope things go alright for you at Uni.
    I dont think I could work in Tesco that beep beep noise would haunt me in my dreams. Haha.

    Go you! For braving it in a bikini. It can be scary because really its like walkibg around in your bra and pants.but its socially acceptable. Strange :/

    Leah x

    1. Thanks lovely :) I hope uni isn't a total disaster.. Such a massive opportunity! Working on the checkout probably would get old eventually, but I am easily amused... You're exactly right about bikinis!!! Haha!!! :) xx

  2. Oh wow, what an amazing month! June sounds exiting too, a few challenges just make it exciting. Might be a bit behind, but I love your new header!
    Carrie xxx

    1. I wish I could say I was excited about going abroad for the first time, but the thought of it just makes me want to be sick! :\ the header is pretty recent so you're not behind there, thank you! xxx

  3. Wow, May has been a busy month! Don't ever worry about being too old to start a career, I am doing a degree in Psychology with the Open University and will be 32 when I graduate and I'm one of the youngest on my course! It's never too late.
    June sounds like an amazing month! Enjoy it.

    Lyndsay xx

    1. You're absolutely right. My old GP was 33 when he decided to re-train as a doctor. He'd been a dentist previously! I miss studying with the OU, hope you're enjoying it? :) xx

  4. Sounds like you've had an awesome month :)
    University debt is scary, but at least student loans are just taken as a fraction of earnings later in life, as opposed to a lump repayment. Plus, neuroscience sounds really really interesting :D

    1. That is the one upside to student debt, I guess. But I think I'll be paying it back for the rest of my working life!! >.< Neuroscience will be awesome, I can't wait! Sussex has some amazing facilities and toys to play with... Hehe!! xx


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