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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....

New favourite product right here!!!!

This is something everyone needs to have in their collection. If you like 'The Comforter' you are going to absolutely LOVE 'You Snap the Whip' body butter. Seriously, this is everything any person could ever want or need. It's great as a scrub. It's amazing as a moisturiser. It's incredibly fun - and messy - to use.

I ordered this as a bit of an experiment. The words 'body butter' make me nervous. I have images of skin like an oil slick which then turns into a spotty disaster zone. Nevertheless, I have faith in Lush and took the plunge! If I were to describe this in one word, I'd have to say perfection. The smell of blackcurrant is frankly insane and so intoxicating. I was tempted to melt it down as use it as something of an air freshener!! Heaven.

I did wonder how to use this at first, but soon figured out the best thing to do! If you want a more moisturising effect, use the smoother side. If, like me, you love to scrub away then use the side with raised edges. A word of warning: This. Gets. MESSY!!!! My bathroom was literally painted with black splats. It was hilarious. They don't stain so don't worry about that, but it may be worth turning off the water in your shower when using this. Equally, if not more hilarious, is that you will also be painted black. Now you know why The Rolling Stones video is there!!! ;)
Quantitative Ingredients
*occurs naturally in essential oils

I cannot tell you how much of a life-saver charcoal has been over the past few months. Ever since I discovered coalface. If you have problem skin, you need to give it a try! 

The most amazing result I got from 'You Snap the Whip' was after I shaved my legs in the shower. It wasn't my best effort, but one of those to-the-knee because I have to sort of situations. I always use plenty of shower gel and my skin isn't exactly dry afterwards, but the difference that this body butter made was out of this world. I didn't need to moisturise once I'd dried off!!

I find it's quite rare to find a product that leaves it's perfume on your skin. This definitely does. If I ever find somewhere that sells Cassis Absolute, I will be exactly like the woman that drowns herself in Chanel perfume. I don't think an excess of a blackcurrant would be quite as offensive to the senses, however!! 

This amazing body butter costs £5.95 for a 95g bar, so it's not the cheapest but it is worth every penny!!! You should get a good 10 showers out of it, depending how much you use each time. 

Buy it now, thank me later! ;) 

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