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Following on from my last post, and making a commitment to explore the scary world of skin-care, I bought this non-fridge face and back mask. It sounded absolutely ideal because I was near tears with what the medication-induced acne was putting me through, and trying to pluck up the courage to see a beautician for help! 

Lush has this to say about Mask of Magnaminty: "This is one of our ultimate products and is intended for what Adrian Mole (Age 13 3/4) describes as Big Boy spots. Spots that take two days to come up but five days to bugger off.  And always when you have a date or something important coming up. Mask of Magnaminty does everything it can to fight these types of outbreaks and return the skin to tip top condition."

Pretty persuasive stuff. Nevertheless, it was a last-ditch effort. A hail Mary. Oh my GOD I'm so happy I tried this mask! Seriously, if you have acne issues, give this mask a go.

The love and care that has gone into making this amazing mask is clear to see. It smells absolutely incredible, so fresh, clean and minty! Now I sound like I'm talking about a toothpaste... But it really does smell of peppermint and it's heavenly. 

Unlike my other masks, which are applied post-shower, this one is more of a bath-time treat for my skin. Of course, I follow my usual ritual of coalface followed by freederm sensitive face wash before applying. I also try and make sure that I've been in the bath long enough to get something of a sweat going as this also helps clean your skin from the inside out. Sorry if that's a bit TMI. 

The second you start applying it you will notice how luxuriously cooling it is! I was so surprised! The principal ingredient, Bentonite, is a deeply cleansing volcanic ash. You must have seen those nature documentaries where amazingly beautiful plant-life emerges from the sites of eruptions? That's quite a good metaphor right there actually. When combined with Kaolin and the well-documented antiseptic properties of honey, you've got a pretty darn amazing base for treating very grumpy skin. The aduki beans are your exfoliator in this mask and they do a wonderful job. 

I leave this mask on my face for around 10 minutes, and up to 15 minutes on my back. The best way to remove this product is to gently wet the now dry mask, and very gently massage your skin to stimulate and exfoliate it. My skin felt so clean and tingly afterwards and the smell of peppermint doesn't leave your skin straight away! There was definitely a noticeable difference to the skin on my back. It was far less angry looking and has dried out too. 

I also noticed that when I applied this to my face when I had a bug bite on my cheek, it drew all the nasty stuff to the surface and fully healed within 3 days! Amazing!

Lily has a thing for minty things, and as this was washed off in the bath, the rest of me got a hint of mint... She likes to lick my feet and legs if I've been using this! It's hilariously cute, and also pure torture. I have very ticklish feet!!

This is absolutely a must-have in my skin-care routine now. A 125g pot will cost £4.95 or you can splurge on a 315g pot for £8.75. As this isn't a mask that needs to be kept in the fridge, it's worth the money. Really! I will be taking this to Spain with me for sure. 

Until next time <3

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  1. Sounds awesome., Also, you are unfairly still pretty with a mask on. Just for the record


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