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Once again I am here with a well over-due review of a skincare product I have been using for a while now. Of course, it's a Lush product. This is my second fresh face mask, and choosing it wasn't nearly as hard as choosing brazened honey!! I knew I wanted this one from all the rave reviews I'd seen from my fellow bloggers.

I was also won over by the product introduction on the Lush website: "You know those times when you get one or two spots and it throws you into panic? Well, this mask is here to lend you a bit of perspective, to tell you to calm down, it’s not the end of the world and it’s nothing that can't be sorted. Basically, this is your best mate in a pot."

Best mate? Well.... let's not be so hasty now. A good mate, sure. We can go that far because I know this face mask isn't going to turn my skin into a red, angry mess! So... I really do wish I had a better camera. It was impossible to capture the beautiful blue colours this mask gives. I like blue... as you might have been able to tell! ;)

I absolutely love the silky texture of this mask! For some reason, my skin seems to respond better to this mask when I've just got out of the shower, rather than lounging about in the bath. Make of that what you will, but I'm assuming it's the steam opening up my pores and the running water generally cleaning the skin much better.

The mask itself smells quite sour, but you can definitely pick out a lovely soapy scent amongst it. I absolutely love seeing fresh blueberries in the mask, and let's face it, having pieces of berry on your face while you let the mask do it's thing is rather funny... It's a very calming mask, and is just what you need if your skin is threatening to break out.

Quantitative Ingredients

*occurs naturally in essential oils

I'm sure we all remember calamine from having chicken pox. I had it TWICE! Yes, I am a freak of nature. Staying on topic however, the combination of the calamine and talc is what gives the delicious soapy smell, and of course soothing calamine is ideal for angry skin! Lately, because my skin has a horrible dryness issue on my nose I have been applying a slightly wetter than typical mask just to this area to help the skin heal, and it's been working wonders! 

Irish Moss is a type of seaweed and acts as an extra moisturiser with more soothing properties! Everything in this mask is a dream for problem skin.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is a deep cleansing mask. Those two words are the holy grail when I'm looking for face masks, or any skin treatment really!! I use it once or twice a week and have noticed a vast improvement in the overall condition of my skin and the intensity of any breakouts. I use coalface first, then freederm sensitive face wash before applying this mask once I'm out of the shower. I don't dry my face before as the water helps the mask blend across the skin easier and allows for a little rubbing/massaging action. I leave it for about 10 minutes then wash it off gently with warm water. 

What blew my mind the first time I used this mask, and still surprises me now, is how amazingly soft and hydrated my skin is after using this mask. I need to use far less moisturiser, so I really think this mask is helping my skin re-balance itself. Any redness I have is dramatically reduced and feels much less irritated. 

I will absolutely be buying this mask again and again! A 75g pot will cost you £5.95.

To return to the original statement; Is Catastrophe Cosmetic my best mate in a pot? Hmmm. Best mate implies I've chosen a favourite of sorts, and I most definitely cannot make that judgement just yet. But I really, really recommend this product!! 

I'm going to buy my next pot when I get back from Spain to deal with any sun-damage! 

Until next time! <3

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