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It's been a while since I did a Lush review... But I'm back and today I'm bringing you a bubble bar with a long name!! This is 'amandopondo' : 

I was immediately drawn to this because it looks so sweet and innocent! I love it's simplicity and the smell of roses, mixed in with a gentle citrus note. It really is so gentle, you would be forgiven for thinking there wasn't anything going on here. It's uncomplicated in every way and that's kind of what we need when we're getting ready for a Lush bath!

Once again, I only used half of the bar. It is very creamy, which bodes well for having baby soft skin once you can bring yourself to get out of the bath! To get the most out of the bubble bar, I find it best to crumble it into the running water almost straight away. This way I also know whether or not half a bar is going to be enough.

I definitely picked up on the now familiar baby powder aroma that comes from a lot of Lush's bath products, and the gentle citrus smell remained just about present. I think you would need to use the whole bar to really get a definite rose scent, because I couldn't pick up on it. But maybe that's just my nose!

Post bath musings: I was very surprised by how much the bath filled up with bubbles! For half a bar this is pretty impressive. There was a lovely velvety, creamy consistency to them and as they started to disappear, the creaminess stayed in the water. There is nothing spectacular to report in terms of amazing smells or colours. It's a very sweet and innocent, gentle bubble bar which leaves you with soft skin and a feeling of peace and well-being; ready to curl up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a book before drifting off to sleep. Lovely!

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