Lush Cosmetics : the skincare haul edition!

So. It's safe to say I am hooked on Lush. For so many years I've been fighting with my super-sensitive skin and unable to enjoy more 'fun' products, so now I'm sort of making up for lost time. Not forgetting that their skincare products are like a godsend!

There are a few 'staples' in this order: A French Kiss, The Comforter and Coalface. I absolutely cannot be without these now. Every time I use them I am blown away and they make me so happy. I picked out three new bath products to try: Blackberry bath bomb, Twilight bath bomb and You Snap the Whip body butter.

When it came to skincare, and picking my next face mask I was in a real dilemma! My compromise to myself was to get Cosmetic Catastrophe as I had originally planned and then use the Mask of Magnaminty as it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge. The steamer tabs had me intrigued so I bought one of each, as you do...

As my medication regime has been changed, and the weather is also shifting, I am fully expecting a breakout of some description so I feel somewhat more prepared to keep things more under control now. I will keep using my Freederm products alongside these products. It seems to be a good combination.

This box of delights cost just under £40 and was delivered a day ahead of schedule!!

Reviews to come! :) Are there any products I haven't gotten my hands on yet that you'd recommend?

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