Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band : Brighton Dome, 17th June 2013

On Monday, I went to my first ever music concert!! At 25 years old, almost 26 - yuck - that is quite a shameful thing to be saying, but there we have it. I went with the boyfriend and his mummy. Seeing Hugh Laurie was absolutely unbelievable. I was awe-struck! I could SEE Hugh Laurie. Ohhhhh my gosh. Our seats were on the upper level, on row C so we had a very clear view of Mr. Laurie doing his thing. His natural ease on stage was clear to see, and I couldn't help thinking about his roles in Blackadder! The Copper Bottom Band were just as mind-blowing. The female vocalists were in a league of their own. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but to witness a petite young singer called Gabriella be able to vocally match and even top the gospel singer straight from the USA, Sister Jean, was just..... awe-inspiring. Sister Jean had music flowing through her and you could see it. I've always loved the passion and sheer talent of the gospel singers so to be able to see it first hand almost moved me to tears. Of course, the musicians were just as talented and a joy to watch. I honestly don't know how the brass players didn't pass out!

My pictures aren't brilliant. Contending with the intense lighting of the stage proved a step too far for my iPhone - being a dumbass I forgot my digital camera - but I did the best I could!

I HATE the artwork in the bar area. It's exactly like my hallucinations and I got really, really anxious! Thankfully I checked with the boyfriend and he could see them too so it wasn't as bad then.

The Stage

IT'S HUGH!!!! 
He came on to introduce his support act. 
He looked like House in this outfit!

This is Bruno Major. A very talented singer/songwriter who you need to look up.

Packed house. Haha.... See what I did there? ;)

 The Copper Bottom Band!


He spent a lot of time on the piano, which was wonderful! 

One of the Blackadder-type stage moves he pulled!
It did remind me more of Basil Faulty but whatever.

The seated ladies are his incredible back-up singers!

These are the amazing brass players!
I hate the quality of these pictures, I'm so sorry!!!!! 

The super-cool drummer!!!! He was such a character and clearly loved the stage and music.
Next to him is the bass player. He's Canadian and doesn't wear a hat around people he's comfortable with. Woo! Go Brighton!

Kiss of Fire

I was soooooooo jealous of this girl! 
She got to sing and dance with Hugh! Aaaaagh!

 Hugh with his guitar :)

Barber Shop Quartet!!!

The girls take to the stage!

Hugh's back!

A few shots of the stage! 

The FINALE!!!!!

Standing Ovation, naturally!!!

It was an incredible night and something I hope I'll remember for years to come! I'm so sorry about the quality of my pictures!!!!! HUGH LAURIE IS AMAZING!

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