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Hi friends! :) 

Today I'm going to introduce you to a super-fantastic company: Cottage Delight. A British family company established in 1974 and built on a foundation of traditional recipes, using only the finest ingredients and small batch production methods. To date, they have been awarded 125 'Great Taste Awards', and having now sampled some of their products, it's easy to see why!

Last week, I received a surprise email from them asking if I would like to try their products. Of course, I jumped at the chance! Being something of a cook with a need to experiment, I was so excited to see what was on offer and had a really hard time deciding which items to choose!

Pretty amazing, right?! :) Even in their packets you can see that everything has been made with such love.

This box full of delights arrived at 8am yesterday morning. The poor delivery driver got a nasty shock!! Once I was a bit more 'with it' I decided to open up the box and see what I had been sent to try. It felt like it was my birthday or something! So lovely, and generous! I never expected such a vast quantity of products!! My pre-Spain bikini preparation has been ruined... Haha!! Totally worth it. So, onto the reviews! 

I absolutely had to try the fudge first. I have a real soft spot for fudge, and have only ever come across one shop that makes one that I like - it's a tiny shop that is buried in the lanes in Brighton and I always struggle to find it! I can definitely thank my Grandad for my almost snobbishness when it comes to the absolute classics, as well as my vicious sweet tooth! The Cottage Delight recipe for tablet fudge hasn't changed for almost 40 years and is whisked, cut and packed by hand. That's love right there.What can I say, I know what I like and I like this fudge. A lot!!!!!

Of course, I tried the 'normal' fudge first and it made me go weak at the knees. It is sheer perfection and took me right back to trips to coffee shops with my Grandad and being spoilt rotten with sweets such as this. Happy, happy memories.

It's sweet. It's crumbly. It's creamy. It melts away on your tongue. It makes you smile. If you haven't gotten to know me yet, it's the law to have a mug of tea with sweets such as this. It's a dreamy combination. Trust me on this. You'll float away to simpler times with every bite.

You know those really annoying adverts for low-fat yogurt where the woman makes that really daft face no-one ever makes when eating a skinny yogurt, or frankly at any point in their lives? I'm 99% sure I made that face, but I wasn't being paid to try and exude a seductive pleasure of sorts. But I was eating full-fat, real fudge with absolutely no apologies.

So what do you think happened when I tried the chocolate fudge? Again, if you're not a regular visitor to my blog, you'll need to know that I'm an absolute chocolate addict. I wasn't sure what to expect with this fudge, and was expecting something of a milder chocolate flavour than what I got!

Oh my goodness, how wrong I was. I really need to brush up on my writing skills, because I cannot describe eloquently enough just how wonderful these little cubes of heaven are!! In a nutshell, the chocolate fudge is everything like it's non-chocolate counterpart. But with chocolate of such amazing quality, it's almost seductive.

I didn't just pull a daft face with this one, but a full blown "oh my god, wow" escaped my lips, as the familiar knee-weakening sensation came over me.

These little packets of heaven are 100g each and cost £2.15. I can assure you it'd be a real challenge to eat more than 50g in one attempt, even with copious amounts of tea, so I wouldn't worry about diet-destroying binges or anything like that.

They also have offerings in banoffee, ginger, rum and raisin, and pecan nut and maple so there really is something for everyone!

I honestly can't wait to try my next item!!!! :) 

You can find Cottage Delight on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so go and say hi! 

Until next time <3 

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  1. WOW!! just WOW! This is my kind of delivery! Just heaven :) You are so lucky!!!! Everything looks just scrummy, the fudge sounds like a dream, I love the sound of banoffee fudge. Going to check their site out now, thank you. Enjoy the rest of your lovely hamper!

    Lyndsay xx


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