Benefit Cosmetics : POREfessional & oxygen WOW

Well, this is nerve-wracking... I'm going to talk about my first ever experience with Benefit Cosmetics and how I am now utterly besotted with their make-up!

For as long as I have been wearing makeup on a regular basis, about a decade now, I have always stuck to the same brands: Natural Collection, 17, Max Factor, Maybelline... You get the idea. Until very recently, I had absolutely no idea how to really apply my make-up, or what sort of products to be looking for. I didn't know that my skin-type means I should only look for oil-free and that there were such things as primers.

As a teenager, I really enjoyed learning about make-up and used to talk about the older girls I worked with about how they did theirs all the time! When I got poorly, I lost that part of myself. But now it's definitely back and I'm learning so much and I LOVE IT!!

Yes, at almost 26 years old I am just now learning how to apply my make-up and what products I should be using where. It is what it is!

Anyway. I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and had been seeing the same product mentioned over and over again. POREfessional. I knew of benefit cosmetics but only because I used to walk by their counter in Debenhams utterly perplexed by what was on offer, and embarrassed that I had no idea what I was looking at!

It was a couple of weeks ago now (I think?!) that I decided to have a bit of a nosey in Debenhams after a rather intense hour at the day hospital. A lovely girl approached me and offered to help, she must have seen my confused expression! I explained that I'd been reading rave reviews about this thing called POREfessional, but had no idea how to use it! Much to my surprise, she offered to show me by doing my make-up for me... er, wow!

Of course, I soon realised that in order to see how these products worked, my carefully applied make-up was going to have to go. In the middle of a huge shop, I had my make-up removed. I felt naked and so exposed. It was terrifying but she reassured me the whole time and within no time I had foundation back on my face. She also showed me how to apply blusher! Yep. Something else I've never known how to do, given the shape of my face and size of my cheeks, blusher has scared me enough to not really play with it. I just use the old school method of pinching! Haha!

How cute are these samples?! :)

I had my eye on the oxygen wow foundation because it seemed pretty ideal for my skin-type. Sadly, the price tag for POREfessional and the oxygen wow foundation was about £50, so I decided to just get POREfessional and would come back when I had the funds to buy the foundation. Much to my surprise, and delight, I was given a small tester of the foundation to play with at home, and a sample of the triple performing facial emulsion. She used this after removing my make-up.

My skin works so amazingly well with these products and I am so, so in love! POREfessional has been nothing short of a God send for my make-up routine. It's exactly what I've been wishing for all these years. You need such a tiny amount, that spending £25 on a tube is totally worth it when you know it'll last you months on end.

To start; I use the triple performing facial emulsion as a moisturiser, followed by POREfessional; focusing on my T-zone, the creases of my nose and chin, and the parts of my cheeks where there are visible pores. After using a Natural Collection correcting cream and Maybelline illuminating concealer, I apply a small amount of Benefit oxygen wow with a flat headed Sedona Lace brush. A little really does go a long way! Finally, I apply a small amount of Natural Collection compact powder all over my face with a big fluffy Sedona Lace brush.

The end result was pretty incredible! Enough so that I felt just about ok enough with sharing these pictures!!

It's matte, flawless and natural looking! I love the almost dewy - is that a word?! - look it gives my skin. Absolutely mind blowing!! I have never, ever seen my skin looking like this. I will definitely be returning to Debenhams for a full size oxygen wow foundation and triple performing emulsion. I also have my eye on the fake up concealer and well, pretty much everything!!!!!

My first outing with the benefit make-up on was a casual lunch date with the boyfriend at Cafe Nero. I went with a more natural look with my make-up for once. It was quite hard to resist the eyeshadows and pens but managed to survive without my trusty eye-liner! I haven't done an OOTD in forever so that's thrown in as a bonus! 

Cardigan : Topshop
Long sleeved top : New Look
Leggings : New Look
Shoes : New Look
Necklace : Miss Selfridge
Headband : Primark

I got a 'Beauty Club Card' from Debenhams when I made my first Benefit purchase, and I'm pretty sure it won't take me long to collect a vast amount of points!! Aaaaah. This is making me so happy!!!! :) 

Until next time! <3

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  1. Stunner. I really need to start using my porefessional mini thing.


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