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I am delighted to be able to present to you my recipes using Duerr's amazing jams. They are the oldest family-owned jam making company in England, established in 1881 and based in the vibrant city of Manchester. It's safe to say that in their 131 years of jam making, they have had enough time to get their products just perfect and I for one can attest to this!

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's

Duerr's contacted me while I was away at Center Parcs - which was enough of a shock in itself! Within of few days of returning home I took delivery of three jars of jam and some recipes to try. 

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Jam Selection

My first recipe is a variation on a rock cake recipe that I have been using for years, and trust enough to be able to know it can tolerate a little experiment or two! My rock cakes used to vanish within 24 hours of being made when I was living at my mums house - partly because my younger twin brothers inhale food they enjoy like it's going out of fashion!

I found this recipe in a hilarious and battered old cookbook of my mums: The Dairy Book of Home Cookery. It's a third edition from 1992 apparently. It was first published in 1968! What cracks me up about this book is that it was published a second time in 1978 and I am fairly certain that was into include microwave cooking instructions. Can you imagine making a cake in a microwave?! But anyway, enough about this book; let's make cake!! 

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : ingredients
  • 225g self raising flour
  • 100g butter, softened
  • 75g caster sugar or 8g splenda
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 4 tsp semi-skimmed milk
  • Duerr's Strawberry Jam
ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : base ingredients

Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees or gas mark 6 and line a baking tray with grease-proof paper. I would normally omit grease-proof paper but in this instance it really will save you a lot of pain later on!

Sieve your flour into a large mixing bowl and add your butter. If you want to cube it before adding it, go for it. Rub the butter into the flour to make super-fine breadcrumbs.

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : super-fine breadcrumbs

Add your sugar or splenda, and stir into your breadcrumb mixture. Make a well in the center.

To make life easier, in a small bowl beat your egg and add 4 teaspoons of milk. 

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Strawberry JamThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Strawberry Jam 

Pour your egg mixture into the breadcrumbs and fold to make a very stiff batter. You should be able to 'clean the bowl'. Once you have this consistency, add 4 teaspoons of Duerr's strawberry jam. This will make your dough significantly wetter but don't worry. 

Get your baking tray. Spoon out your mixture, keeping them evenly spaced as they will expand during cooking. A tablespoon of mixture is an ideal amount per cake. Using a the back of a teaspoon and your finger, create a small but deep well in the middle of your cakes. Add half a teaspoon of Duerr's strawberry jam. 

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Jammy Rock CakesThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Jammy Rock Cakes

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Jammy Rock Cakes Batch

Bake in the center of your oven for 15 to 20 minutes. I always find it best to check their progress at 15 minutes and use my own judgement for the next amount of cooking needed. 

*** WARNING *** 
Jam gets HOT. Do not attempt to move from the baking tray to a wire cooling rack until the jam has cooled. Guess who burnt themselves by not thinking!

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Duerr's Jammy Rock Cakes

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Duerr's Jammy Rock Cakes

ThatRedheadSaid : Baking with Duerr's : Duerr's Jammy Rock Cakes
I'm really pleased with how these cakes turned out! I know they're not the prettiest thing to look at but they taste lovely. They should be almost biscuit-like on the surface, but as light as a sponge on their insides with a fruity jam flavour going right through. I really love the pool of jam in the center. It certainly reminds me of the Jammy biscuits that served as my inspiration for this recipe and I am going to make as soon as I get some darn cornflour!

You can find Duerr's on Facebook and Twitter, so go and say hi! 

Until next time! <3 

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