What has Lily done this week?

 I'm Lily. This is what I've been getting up to!

I nap with my fluffy pink feather. 

I like to look like an ornament. 

I play games with my mummy.

.... and beg for food.

I keep mummy company when she's too poorly to leave bed for long.

I claimed another box as mine!

I spent some time rolling around under this chair and showed off my belly!



  1. Haha! Loved this post!
    Lily reminds me of my cat Batcat who is addicted to boxes. No box is safe around him and you can bet that when you come to use the box there will be a 'bed' made inside it!

  2. Ahhh I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :) Lily is a nice feature to my blog I think, as she's such a huge part of my life. Cats are like toddlers aren't they - preferring a box to the toy! It's so cute though. Batcat is a brilliant name by the way!! :) xx

    1. That's so true! My cat gives us hours of laughter as he's just so silly! I could watch him all day! He's called batcat because of his markings (it looks like he's wearing a mask and a cape) and because as a family we love Batman! Haha :-) Lily is a cutie! although she looks tiny compared to Batcat! x

    2. How cute!!! :) Lily is a very petite little lady! Her mummy was the same sort-of size. She comes from a long line of moggies that must have all been quite small! One day I'll get a Maine Coon to make up for it, haha! xx


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