Sedona Lace : Let's swatch it up!

Make-up and pretty colours make me happy!!! :)
Today I am showing you the four bonus colours I got with my order. I apologise for the sub-par quality of my pictures; despite the camera on my iPhone being better than my digital camera, it's not quite up to the task! I did my best for you though. 
First up, the pale skin-colour: 


Nothing much to see here! 
It's VERY light with a little bit of sparkle to it, and would be ideal for using as a base colour or blending. 
Next; the much darker brown, which I first applied dry and then 'wet' - dampened the brush and my skin with a baby wipe. 


 This colour can be quite dramatic so definitely use a light touch. Blending it from wet is really messy and I just couldn't get it to look right so that's why there is such a solid colour. Personally, I don't think this particular shade is right for me but I will experiment before deciding whether or not to add it to my giveaway! ;)

Pink! I remember it being drilled into me than "pink and red should never be said" but I think I 2013 we can embrace the clash from time to time... 

It's a really cute colour!! 
Photographing it was a pain in the butt though. It's a little bit glittery and just very girly. I prefer the wet application to the dry, and it seems to match into my skin tone nicely, but whether or not it will look ridiculous against my red hair remains to be seen.... Another potential giveaway candidate! 

"I'm blue. Da-ba-dee-da-ba-dai..." 
Ah, memories.

I absolutely LOVE this colour. 
It brings back memories of going to my first ever make-up party at about 10 years old, which I believe was The Body Shop products, and buying my first pieces of make-up. Blue eyeshadow definitely featured, but a lot less 'bam' than this shade! It's absolutely awesome, dry or wet. But as you can see, it does flake when it's dry. There's a metallic sheen to it, and it's a little glittery too! Sorry girls, I'm keeping this one! 

The aftermath!!! ;)

The quality of these eye shadows is absolutely fantastic. They reminded me a lot of my more 'high-end' make-up pieces, particularly Dior.... which will always be my first and only true love of most things fashion and beauty related!! I do prefer using these when wet; it's cleaner and more defined, and I'm all about the bright colours! 

I can't wait to try some more and show you!!! :)

Definitely, definitely give Sedona Lace a visit!!!


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