Sami's Sunday Ramblings - and an OOTD!

Hello my lovelies! 

I hope you've had a nice weekend despite the craptastic weather. This is more of a personal update than anything else so feel free to disregard if you're here for something more informative! ;)

As you may have noticed, there have been some more slight modifications to the blog; namely the background and the addition of music! I am aware that the playlist I created will not be to everyone's taste but hopefully there will be a few songs that you like. I created it in such a way that it tells the story of my decline into severe depression, eating disorder and substance abuse, to then emerge to where I am now. I'd love to know what you think of it.

In terms of my medication increase; today is day 5 of 225mg venlafaxine and I am definitely noticing side-effects. I feel quite restless and 'on edge' which is exhausting, the yawning is back as are the vivid dreams and light sensitivity. Oh and my moods are flying around all over the place, plus I'm feeling angry for no reason which is a bit worrying. Palpitations and nausea are back with a vengeance too.. I'll give it another fortnight to settle down...

My plan for the upcoming week is to get a couple more recipes out to you: one is by Nigella and the other is my take on a Jamie Oliver recipe which I believe featured in his 30 minute meals. I'm desperate to get some dessert/cake recipes done but those require a lot more brain power which I just haven't got right now. The 'Adventures in Psychiatry' series is proving to be a lot more challenging than I thought, but I don't despise writing them at all; It's just..... emotional! I'm not sure which way to go next with it and how to approach the topic so it might be a couple of weeks before the next post comes.

I will be on holiday from 20th to 24th May with the boyfriend and cannot wait! We're going to Centre Parcs for the second time and staying in a beautiful villa. I will not be posting during this time and as things stand I'm not entirely sure if I'll be scheduling posts, it depends if I feel I have anything of value to say or not! Blogging takes up a lot of energy and I am worried that my writing is suffering so a little break might do some good. I don't feel obligated to publish daily but I do like to if I can.

This weekend has been a quiet one. I feel generally 'drugged' and just not wanting to move so me and Lily have been lazy together. The boyfriend came over last night after cricket, he was so beaten up but thankfully didn't take any direct hits from the ball - this time! We both had a lay-in this morning and then went to Cafe Nero :) I didn't even have to ask, he just suggested it. It was much needed and it was nice to get out for a bit. He is staying over at mine a couple of nights next week so I needed to go to Tesco to get cooking supplies.... not fun. I got Oreo ice cream though, of course!

I'm back on my own now as he had to work. He's going to this massive football game at the Amex stadium tomorrow night and I'm absolutely petrified something awful is going to happen. There is a huge police presence and it's just.... ugh. Why does football create so much violence?! It's a GAME. Grrrrr. He's not the violent type at all, but I'm just worried he'll get stuck in it.

This is known as 'catastrophising' in generalised anxiety disorder....

Anyway. Here's what I wore for our coffee date:

Top: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Belt: New Look (from another skirt!)

Necklace: ASOS

I opted for a dark-ish blue from my Sedona Lace palette today! It was a bit of a bugger to use wet for some reason. It's a gorgeous colour though! I went for a lighter approach to the upper lid liner this time and used a cotton bud to blend the eyeshadow and brush it across the lower eyelashes for the 'smokey eye'.

Make Up:

Foundation - Maybelline matte mousse
Concealer - Maybelline
Powder - Natural Collection
Mascara - Max Factor Falsh Lash Effect
Upper eyeliner - Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner (LIES)
Lower eyeliner - Elizabeth Arden
Lips - Vaseline

Ignore the nightmare hair. I got some styling products to deal with it!! ;)

I think that's about it for today! I'm off to relax in a Lush bath and then eat too much ice cream. 

Until next time! <3

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