OOTD and Sedona Lace

I had to make an unexpected trip into town today to collect an order from Next which came in early - Thank you, Next!! :) Having gone in the day before and parting with a lot of money, I wasn't exactly in the mood but I forgot to get cards for my mother and get keys cut for my letting agent so I reluctantly made myself look semi-presentable!

Cardi - Topshop
Top - New Look
Necklace - ASOS
Black Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - ASOS

I felt a bit monochrome and boring so I decided to give the blue Sedona Lace eyeshadow I swatched a few weeks ago it's first public outing! I am still so in love with this amazingly vibrant colour but it definitely needs to be applied wet. I didn't wet my eyelid enough and ended up cleaning blue flecks off my cheeks for a few minutes! It did look a bit crazy in the corner of my eye so I added a light purple Dior eyeshadow ontop which did the trick. 

No-one told me how annoyingly hard it is to get good pictures of your own eyes..... Aaaagh!

It looked pretty breezy outside so I decided to give my ASOS scarf an outing too! I loooooooove this scarf. I bagged it in the sale a while ago, along with my boots! ...... I never did that post did I. Oooops!

So that's what I wore today. It must have given off a 'Do NOT bother me' vibe because the charity folks with clipboards standing in the street didn't even try and talk to me. They really stress me out. I felt a lump in my throat when I saw them all but decided against going the long way round and soldiering through with my latte from Cafe Nero.

I blame them triggering my anxiety for the incident that followed in New Look.... I happened to see my 17 year old cousin in there which was weird. I haven't seen her in a lonnnnng time! She was with a friend so I didn't want to embarrass her by trying to strike up a conversation, just said hi and went back to the shoes! What got me is that she's bloody taller than me now!!!! I'm 5ft 8ish and she easily had a couple of inches on me. No fair!!!!!

So there's that. Haul post(s) to follow..... Spending ban is in full effect.


  1. I love the top, and your eye make-up looks gorgeous :)

  2. Love your outfit and makeup! x

  3. You look gorgeous, I love the outfit and the eyeshadow. Your lashes look amazing too!


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