Next Haul : boobs and body confidence

Yeah. I said boobs. Haha! 

I have a love/hate relationship with underwear. Especially bras. For the most part of my adult life, I've always been a size 8, but as I've been working on this recovery and actually eating food thing, genetics seem to have kicked in and I have now accumulated a vast amount of bras in different sizes! Most are from Primark but I think things are settled enough that I can finally invest in some better support. Some things are worth spending money on, and this is one.

My love of underwear comes from a severe girl crush on Dita Von Teese and love of the world of burlesque. 

There's something about wearing beautiful lingerie that inspires confidence in us girls, and that shines through! Beauty isn't about how much you weigh, what size you are, or whether or not you have back fat or a round face. I am of this expectation that has been placed on us girls to be "perfect" in order to be happy and keep our boyfriends happy and faithful. Or to even find one. It's ridiculous. I don't see the male population struggling with the size their jeans are and whether or not their tummy sticks out. 

Life is too short to be worrying about these things. If people in our lives cannot accept us for what we are, then they do not deserve our time, or to admire our latest collection of amazing undies! ;) 

Ok. Lecture over, for now! 



Cute huh? :) I'm a bit nervous about wearing a bikini but I'm trying to remind myself people will get to admire my awesome tattoos. Haha!! 

Until next time <3

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