New Look HAUL : the sale, the not-in-the-sale and the shoes!

Errrrrr..... Oooops?

 Apparently this is what happens when I go into a sale "just to look" when in an emotionally compromised state... To be fair, I did need new clothes and sales are a great time to grab the basics but being a size 8 means you have to be QUICK. I visited New Look twice, in two days. On my first visit I spent £45ish.... not bad. Yesterday, I spent almost £100...

I regret NOTHING!!!!!!!

The Sale


There's nothing like a big baggy top, so I bought this one in a size 12! RRP £6.99, reduced to £4. The second top is an 8 and quite long, so it'd be good for leggings... RRP £14.99 down to £10.

Prettier Tops

I love, love, love these! Especially together! The cardigan is a size 10 and reduced from £12.99 to £8. The top is a size 12, so it will be rather baggy, but there's room for a thin belt around the waist so I shouldn't look swamped in these! RRP £9.99 down to £5.

I'm the kind of person that seriously feels the cold and will wear jumpers when everyone else is ok in just a t-shirt or something. I do not understand these 'fitted' jumpers so I bagged this in a size 14! RRP £16.99 down to just £7.


Your eyes do not deceive you. I managed to find THREE pairs of leggings in the sale. In a size 8!!!! I had been looking everywhere for some purple leggings and coming up dry so this was just a must buy. I already have some red leggings but these are thicker and more durable! The 2 pack RRP £11.99 down to 7. The red leggings were missing the tag but I paid just £5 for them so however you look at it; I'd call it a win.

Maxi Skirts

What is it with me and these skirts?! I can't help myself!!! The patterns are just awesome. These should sit on my waist and be about floor length. Hopefully I won't trip over them... Jinxed myself now haven't I?! The Cameo Rose skirt is a small and RRP £12.99, down to £6. The New Look skirt is a size 8, RRP £16.99, down to £8.

The not-in-the-sale

And so begins the decent into destroying my debit card.... By this time I was most definitely high as a kite!

I've wanted trousers like this for ages but could never find anywhere that had any in stock! These cost £16.99. 
Cute accessories. What more can I say? I loved the flower because it doubles as a brooch/bag accessory as well as having a clip for your hair! That was £2.99 and the bracelets cost £6.99.


I was keeping my eye out for some more plain black boots that would be comfortable and able to withstand Center Parcs if it were to be rather damp. The laces put me off slightly at first but then I noticed the zip at the side.... SOLD, at £29.99.

Just for some contrast, I spied these out of the corner of my eye on the way to the tills. It wasn't a complicated decision. Flowers. Sparkles. Flats. Wide fitting. Yes please! £17.99.

On the same thought process as before, with needing more durable shoes than my ballet flats I decided to grab a pair of these... I preferred the non-lace variety but they didn't have any in a size 5, as usual! But these have polkadots so it's all good! £6.99...

 That concludes my New Look haul. 

Until next time! <3


  1. LOVE the maxi skirts & the paisley trousers. The patterns are so pretty for summer!
    I found you via the bbunch blog hop by the way & followed on GFC!

    1. Aaaah another maxi fan! :) yay!
      Just had a nosey at your blog and followed on GFC too! xx

  2. I love that patterned maxi skirt! I always want to buy maxi skirts but can never find ones that are long enough...I'm too dang tall!
    I found your blog through the #bbunch bloghop, I’m excited to start following you :) A Beautiful Twenty-Something Life

    1. Ahhhh that's a shame! You must be really tall; I'm 5ft 8ish. Glad to have you here, I'm off to check out your blog now! :) x


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