Lush Cosmetics : Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

This product is by far, one of the most awesome I have tried to date!! 

I love bath bombs. They're such a novelty and Lush really know how to get it spot on. It looks fairly innocent, and smells like lemons and baby powder so we're already off to a brilliant start. My favourite bath products are definitely in the fruity category. 

The Dragon's Egg looks pretty innocent, much like a egg would I guess! It's size did surprise me, however; for a bath bomb it's a giant! But I guess dragons wouldn't lay small eggs... Why eggs when they're meant to be so big? Maybe that was their evolutionary downfall. I'm getting off topic here. It will cost you £3.20 for an egg.

*occurs naturally in essential oils

I'm fairly certain a lot of these ingredients could be used in a cake!! :)

Not much to see in the bubble department, but that's alright. Once they've disappeared you're left with a remarkably yellow - and sparkly - bath! This must be the yolk of the egg. There is a serious amount of glitter going on here, so be aware if you've got work and sparkles are going to be frowned upon!

Those aren't snot rockets. These were in the bath and were occasionally brushing up against me and making me jump so I started to fish them out. I'm assuming these are supposed to be the 'scales' made out of rice paper. If I were to offer a suggestion/constructive criticism, it would be to do away with this addition. It serves no purpose and looks and feels gross!!

Post bath musings: On the whole, this is an excellent product and I'd definitely recommend it. It's really fun, smells amazing and it's full of sparkles. What more does a girl need?! I wasn't as plastered in glitter as I expected to be the morning after but they weren't completely gone. The citrus smell didn't really linger on my skin which was a shame, but once again felt soft and supple. I'll be buying this again for sure!!

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  1. Yeah, those scale things look gross. But bath bombs look fun!


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