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Once again I am entering new territory, and it's really very exciting that I can tell you about my wanderings into skin care and face masks! 

On my last visit to Lush I had the pleasure of being introduced and educated on skincare products by a very helpful and genuinely sweet trainee manager, who's name I failed to get. She must have seen me looking completely overwhelmed by the choice of masks and not knowing how to use them and which one did what! We tested a couple of products on my hand to see which my skin responded best to, and brazened honey was a clear winner. 

I would definitely call myself a face mask virgin. I dabbled with various brands and those god awful sachets but was only ever met with some very angry looking skin so after that I just gave up. But after reading so many blogs on skincare and Lush products in particular I decided to take the plunge and give it a go; figuring that it'd be pretty rare to get a bad reaction from their products!

My skin is awful. I haven't been looking after it and have a nasty habit of picking as part of my anxiety. Brazened honey is an exfoliating mask, stuffed full of amazing ingredients to help your skin detoxify and look bright and alive again. 
Quantitative Ingredients
Talc, Fresh Organic Lime Juice, Sage, Rosemary and Juniperberry Infusion, Fresh Free Range Eggs, Honey, Glycerine, Fresh Fennel, Ground Almond Shells, Almond Oil, Bentonite Gel, Fresh Ginger Root, Fresh Parsley, Fresh Coriander, Ground Turmeric, Ground Cardamom, Clove Bud Oil, Ginger Oil, Vetivert Oil, Juniperberry Oil, *Benzyl Salicylate, *Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Linalool, Perfume
*occurs naturally in essential oils

There are anti-septic, moisturising, detoxifying and enzyme goodness to work their magic on your over-tired face! 

I'll admit, the smell of this takes some getting used to! Almonds really aren't my thing, and to have that coming up against tumeric, ginger, coriander and honey was just.... bizarre to my confused nose. It is growing on me though.

I prefer to use this in the bath after I have removed my skin of all traces of make-up with Freederm sensitive face wash. I don't see why you can't use Lush's own Coalface for this part, but I've only got a little bit left so I'm saving it for emergencies! Make sure it's quite a nice steamy bath so that your pores will be open and get as much benefit from this as possible. The tub says to be generous, so have at it. My skin seems to almost drink this stuff! Just be careful not to get it near your eyes. Give your skin a nice massage and leave this on for 10 minutes to do it's thing. 

Once the time is up I put just one splash of water on my face and work the mask around again to get off any extra nastiness that has been released. It comes off very easily and you will instantly feel the difference in your skin. 

It looks ALIVE!!!!!! 

I think my forehead is something of a battle ground right now but the skin on my cheeks is so soft, clear and just healthy looking! My chin had awful dry skin and redness to it which has vastly cleared up. My nose is a lot less 'rough' from all the blackheads (gross, I know) and doesn't have any redness anymore. The skin on my forehead is a lot better than it was, there's no denying that, but I'm still getting little patches of dryness and spots. I'm willing to assume that's because all the horrible stuff is coming out and once it's over with it'll be just as surprising as the rest of my skin is. 

I don't think my skin could handle this more than twice a week, but it is very sensitive to exfoliation. 

For a product that doesn't announce itself with the latest scientific breakthrough, use those painful chemicals that dry your skin to within an inch of it's life or cost the earth.... You need to get this!!!!! 

A 75g pot, that will last you about 3 weeks as long as you keep it in the fridge, you'll spend just £5.95. Once you've collected 5 pots and returned them, you get a free mask!

I'm sorry but I just couldn't bring myself to show you a before and after on this one.... Just trust me when I say I am truly amazed by how good my skin is looking.


  1. This was a really great review! :D Glad you liked your first experience with the Lush face masks, now the I ly problem is which one to try next haha!

    1. Thank you!! :) I really enjoyed talking about this one! Next on my hit list is 'Cosmic Catastrophe' as they didn't have any left last time... Boo. It's such a relief to use these products and not be scared of melting my skin off! :) xx

  2. sounds really great! I love lush face masks and I'm currently using the BB Seaweed one which is really nice and calming for my skin. and the people in there are always so lovely and helpful :) can't wait to go back and get another one :D loving your review :D x


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