Lily's Holiday!


Hello everyone.

As you may have seen, my mummy went on holiday without me. I go to stay at a cat hotel and I don't like it. I'm not used to other cats or different people. I was scared, but I still ate lots of the food mummy gave me to have. The lady who looks after me tries to stroke me and play with me, but I'm too scared and I hiss at her. This time I swiped at her too, which I know is bad but I don't mean to be so scared.

I'm getting better at travelling in the car though! Look!!!!

I used to cry and cry at the top of my voice, which was horrible for everyone. People always say I have a very posh carrier. Mummy lets the door open every so often so I get used to it, as I'm not used to being locked away from her.

I didn't want to get out of my carrier when we got there though!

I was in a pen that looked out at the whole garden so I could watch people like I do at home. My nextdoor neighbours were a bit noisy which I didn't like. One looked like a giant! He was a very big, fluffy boy persian.

I had lots of toys to play with as well as my favourite comforters. Mummy tries very hard to make sure I'm happy. We always get laughed at with the amount of luggage I bring!

My holiday was from Monday to Friday. Mummy and Daddy came to get me as it started to rain. I was so happy to see them I was meowing so much!

The lady who looked after me was a bit sad that I let mummy stroke me and pick me up. The lady also told mummy and daddy that I swiped at her and was getting more aggressive than in the past. Mummy was sad and said sorry lots.

We had to go home in the rain. I haven't been in the car in the rain before and I didn't like it very much. I'm always too excited to see mummy and hate being in my carrier.

It was a very hard trip for everyone. Our trip took almost 40 minutes instead of 25 because of the rain, and it was 5pm. Mummy said she is going to find medicine to help me.


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