Lily : mmmeeeeeeeeow

Greetings loyal minions; Lily again! 
My mummy is having a hard day so I'm here to show you what I've been getting up to: 

I gave mummy's lap a break and had naps on my big girl tree.

I made mummy laugh by pulling silly faces!

And we played games in the bathroom. My favourite game is hiding things underneath the bathmat then tricking mummy into getting them out and pouncing on her arms.

We play games at bed time too! This is my favourite game. I love it so much I try to wake mummy up at 5am by biting her feet to get her to play, but she just grumps at me. Why do humans sleep when I'm wide awake and ready to play?

~ ~ ~ purrrrrrrrpurrrrrrrpurrrrrr ~ ~ ~

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