Cybercandy Review : Dairy Milk 'Snack'

This has been a long time coming! I'm so sorry!! Honestly, I don't know how a chocolate bar survived in my fridge as long as it did... Weird. But we're here now, and today I'm talking about Dairy Milk 'Snack' bar, which is all the way from Australia!

Chocolate needs tea. It's the law. 
Representing Cath Kidston too... Haha. 

I'll only say this once: Why are you operating in kJ, Australia?! You're making me do maths I really don't want to do and it's not cool. Stop being so complicated. Just so you know; 1100kJ is 260 kcals... That's a lot for a chocolate bar.

The first thing that surprised me, other than the decorations for each little segment, was the smell!!! It was like opening a tin of Roses. I don't like that smell.... But we will solider on. I'm curious!

This was the easiest way I could think of to review something like this; We're going to play guess the flavour.

Pineapple and chocolate isn't something I anticipated as being nice, but it worked! I was thankful it wasn't that awful fondant texture and something more like a caramel/syrup consistency. 


Caramel!!!!! Woohoo!!!! 
The best by a lonnnnnng way.

Just like the ones in the Roses tin that are always left at the end. 

I don't know what this was trying to be. The ingredients were of no help either. It tasted vaguely like blackcurrant but I think that was more the colour and my brain pulling something familiar out. 


I think this one was trying to be coconut but I definitely got a lavender taste. Again, this could be my brain trying to be 'helpful'. Either way, this was by far the worst and exactly why I always have tea ready when trying chocolate. 

Chocolate Orange.
It's not up to Terry's standard but it wasn't terrible... Reasonable after taste of orange but destroyed by the lingering aftermath of previous 'flavours' that won't go away.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. 

I expected far better after the 'Black Forest' offering from the same manufacturer.
That's £2.19 I won't be spending again, or taking as payment to eat ever again.


  1. I like the strawberry creme from the roses tin >.>. If it wasn't for pricy import costs, I'd be tempted to try this even if it was just to guess at the flavours xD


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