Bank Holiday Monday, OOTDs and red hair dye!

I'm sorry for the lapse in my reviews and recipes ladies; they are coming I promise! Just rather worn out from the past few days and my writing isn't exactly making a lot of sense. 

I went to Brighton on Monday as it was amazing weather - once the mist cleared - and I had a need for YO! Sushi and Lush. Living in Brighton is going to bankrupt me. The boyfriend was working but due to finish no later than 1pm so I planned to get the 11am bus to arrive with a bit of shopping time. It didn't quite work out like that!! 

Top : Topshop
Belt : ASOS
Skirt : New Look
Boots : River Island @ ASOS

Using Sedona Lace for the first time! I used a dark-ish purple that had a touch of sparkle to it and applied it wet along half of my eyelid then blended it upwards with a cotton bud. I used the same cotton bud to give a smokey eye effect to the lower lashes.

I had to wait on the seafront for the bus. The mist was so bad I couldn't see the sea, and the bus was over 10 minutes late which had me worrying I'd missed it. The bus finally arrived and was absolutely packed; standing room only for the first 20 minutes or so then I managed to get a seat right at the back. For a little while it was fine, everyone had a seat and there was air moving around the bus again but it didn't last long. 

For the rest of the journey I was literally trapped at the back of the bus which was getting hotter and hotter and my anxiety went into absolute over-drive. The mist still hadn't cleared. I felt like I was suffocating. 

I felt panic rising and it was very hard to focus on breathing 'properly' in a very stuffy and overly full bus. Tears were coming. Twitter was my last hope for distraction and thankfully it worked. By the time the bus got into Hove people started getting off but the damage had been done. 

I needed to get off the bus ASAP and away from crowds of people. There was an idea to go to the last day of the 'Foodies Festival' which I really wanted to go to last year but failed to because I was very unwell. It seemed like a brilliant way to spend a lovely sunny day but I would have to calm down a lot or it'd just send me over the edge.

Once I got off that hellish bus I power-walked to Cafe Nero, got myself a cappuccino and sat opposite the shopping centre and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine!! After 10 minutes or so I decided to have a wander around the shopping centre and discovered that a Zara Home store had just opened; naturally I was overly excited by this and spent a good 20 minutes exploring. I was sadly disappointed. 

After a brief trip to Next and Miss Selfridge the boyfriend was close-by so I pulled myself away from the clothes and went outside. He got a great big hug! :) I felt a lot safer but the volume of people was bothering me so we agreed not to go to the festival and go visit YO! Sushi and take advantage of 'Blue Monday'! 

If you visit Brighton and it's actually nice to be outside, you have to go to the beach. I was very nervous, because I knew it'd be utter chaos down there but the water is so calming it kind of overrides it. We didn't stay for too long but it was still nice to sit on the beach with him for a little while. Kicking myself for not taking a picture of us, still not in that habit!! We were both super thirsty and decided to head to a very cute pub called 'The Coach House'. Oh how nice it would have been to have a glass of Pimms or an icy Kopparberg, but sanity provailed and we both happily sipped a coke while watching a very excitable dog try and say hello to absolutely everyone, many times over! So cute. 

When it was time to go home I got a frozen yogurt from Lick, which has raspberry sauce and oreos in it. Absolute heaven!! I ate this in a nearby park while the boyfriend trekked up to his flat to get the car. I waited in  a nearby field and one of the few true flat places in Brighton! Bonus points if you know where I mean ;) 

So that was my Bank Holiday outing! What did you get up to? I hope you didn't get sunburnt!! 

The next OOTD is from Tuesday - sooooo yesterday!

Top : Topshop
Leggings : Miss Selfridge
Shoes : Topshop
Necklace : ASOS

Make Up : same as yesterday!

I look very tired. Because I am. Sorry about that! This is what happens after a trip to Brighton and needing to get up and properly dressed the following day. It doesn't work as well.... C'est la vie. 

Task One : Art Therapy : Completed my project...

I didn't want it here so it's now up on the wall in the art room where I don't have to look at it ever again! 

Task Two : Psychiatrist Meeting. 

See most recent post in 'mental health' for how that went!

Task Three : Getting my hair sorted out! I had just enough time to get a coffee hoping it'd keep me awake but I really should have asked for the extra shot I was considering while waiting to order!! I'm very lucky that they let me drink it in there to be honest, but they're a cool bunch and I was so desperate I'd have paid them £5 to let me have my £2.85 coffee. 

I love my hairdresser. She's only 21 but we're on the same level when it comes to a lot of things and she has a real eye for colour! As it's summer I had a Kerastase colour treatment to hopefully lock in the colour a bit more and stop the sun from pulling it out on those occasions when I do venture outside.

 Ta-da!!!!! :)

Back to having awesome hair again! 


Note : She usually straightens my hair but wanted to do something different so she waved it with the straightening irons. Not something I'd be able to do without ending up with multiple burns all over my hands and arms! My hair is actually retaining the red dye now - after god knows how many years - so I'm hoping I will have this level of colour for a little while longer than normal. 

What do you think to the wave look? Should I try it out for a while? I'm sure there are less risky ways to get this effect.. YouTube may hold the answer, but of course I welcome any input for beauty bloggers!!

I'm aiming to get my Lush haul and reviews out tomorrow evening so keep an eye out ;) 

Until next time!! <3


  1. your hair looks lovely and you really suit the wavey look I think :) x

    1. Aww thank you :) I may well brave it for a while! xx

  2. I love your first outfit especially <3

    1. Was a good effort that one, thank you!! :) xx


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