Vertical Labret : 4 week update!

How has it been 4 weeks?! Well, actually it was 4 weeks on Tuesday but being full of germs has left me a bit more forgetful than usual... 

If I had been well enough to go to hospital on Tuesday I'd have gone to see Quentin to just check in and have him look at how it's healing. I think it's doing great, but definitely needs another couple of weeks with this bar because it's still letting out a bit of milky fluid but nowhere near as much as a couple of weeks ago.

The bar is clearly too big now but I am still so in love with the piercing and it's placement!! I might check in next week and see if it's the bar being too big that's causing this junk to come out... Not 100% sure! In terms of cleaning I am only using salt water when I need to - every other day or so - because hot showers do a great job of drawing out any nasty stuff and cleaning it with Dove soap does wonders for helping the skin heal nicely.

The only 'problems' I've had is with eating circular things like apples or a roll! Again, the size of the bar could be to blame here because it feels like I'm going to rip it out of my lip, not nice. Oh and occasionally I'll catch the lower part (see above) on any tops that I take off without thinking...

That's about it though! :)

As always, any questions feel free to post a comment and I'll try and help!

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