Vertical Labret - 2 week update!!

My new favourite piercing is 2 weeks old already so it's time for an update on it's progress! :)

For the past week or so there has definitely been a shift in what type of fluid has been coming from the piercing site and also how much of it there is! It's definitely not infected, so I can only assume it's as a result of it healing a bit more now. I stopped taking ibuprofen last week as the swelling has gone and my poor stomach has had enough of it. 

The 'fluid' is almost like puss in terms of consistency but it's an off-white colour rather than yellow or green or anything that would tell me it's an infection. There is almost always a crust on the lower ball which needs cleaning off and some days I need to do a saline soak every 4 hours to encourage out the muck and keep things nice and clean. It's definitely worse after eating or talking for a long time! Your lip can also feel a bit sore after this too but it does pass quickly.

All this cleaning is certainly paying off. It's healing beautifully and I'm so, so pleased I've escaped infections or any major issues. Occasionally the lower piercing site gets a bit sore and dry so I use a cotton bud to rub a tiny amount of savlon around the bar. 

I've used an inhuman amount of cotton buds looking after this piercing so that's something to stock up on in a big way, as well as coarse salt! Make sure to use a neutral soap like Dove on your face too.

That's about it really. I'll go and see Quentin in another couple of weeks and see if we're able to downsize the bar but it might need another 4 weeks yet. 

I did plan to show a 'full face' picture here so you can see what it looks like but I look scarily craptastic and exhausted so you're being spared that trauma! 

I hope this has been helpful and please ask if you have any questions! :)

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