The sun is out! Quick! Everyone get outside before it goes again!!!!

We all know the weather this year has been utterly ridonkulous, to say the least, but it keeps threatening to finally let spring arrive lately so more and more of us are braving the outside when the sun does emerge for more than an hour! 

Today was one of those days... :)

I've been fighting off a cold and had a horrible nights sleep last night, nothing but nightmares and coughing fits! So some sunshine and fresh air was definitely called for. We decided to go to Arundel and visit the lake, which is code for feeding ducks, swans etc and eating ice cream! 

I really need to try harder with my make-up!
As the title suggests, parking was an utter nightmare and the pavements were full of families walking around with chips and ice cream cones. Of course, there were lots of families at the lake too and it's always adorable watching little ones watching the birds and feed them bits of bread of feed from the shop. 

I really prefer to visit places like this. It's nowhere near as terrifying as sitting on Brighton beach or a pub garden.... or whatever else 'normal' 25 year old people do. Saying that, most have children now I think? Definitely a secure network of friends! 

Anyway. We spent a lovely couple of hours there before heading back home. It wasn't a long time to be out of the house but it was about all I could manage! I did feel better for a while but I'm back to coughing and sneezing and spluttering and generally being gross and full of germs. 

How attractive.

But hey, I got ice cream!!!! :) they had soooooo many flavours to choose from, but settled on rhubarb and custard. Heaven. 

Screw you, Anorexia. This is what I do with ice cream now!!!! HAHA!

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