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As promised; here are my adventures in eating since my juice cleanse finished 7 days ago. In terms of weight, I've regained 2lbs but I am 75% sure that's due to hormonal water retention! 

My skin is still significantly better, my sleep is vastly improved and I am able to have JUST ONE snack if I have to have a box or packet open. That is pretty huge. The extended cleanse experience taught me how to sit with cravings and ride them out, as well as self control!! I am eating every 2-3 hours and it's working out great. In terms of my eating habits, this is probably the longest I've ever managed without totally freaking out and going on an epic weight loss mission/purge-fest. 

Anyway, here's what I've been mindfully munching away on: 

Saturday 30th March
B – Dorset Cereals museli: berries and cherries
S – Café Nero grande soya cappuccino
L – M&S fuller for longer harrisa chicken and cous cous salad
D – YO! Sushi
S – 4tbsp Oreo ice cream

Sunday 31st March
B – banana
S – Café Nero grande soya cappuccino
L – Café Nero tuna melt
S – Oreo snack pack (2 biscuits)
S – graze orange and ginger flapjack
S – 2 brown toast, marmite and WW jam, twiglets, graze sticky chocolate pudding, 400g strawberries

Monday 1st April
B – asleep, oops!
L – sachet of Tilda brown rice with roasted vegetables
S – tunnocks caramel wafer
D (at boyfriends mums house) – small salmon fillet with pancetta and salad, 3 small slices lamb with sweet potato mash and vegetables, small piece flan with 3 spoons vanilla custard
S – 3 lindor chocolates

Tuesday 2nd April
B – didn’t have time
S – Café Nero grande soya cappuccino
L – 2 slices brown toast w/ WW jam, twiglets, banana, 2 oreos and 3 lindor chocolates
S – 50g wasabi peas
D – sachet Tilda sundried tomato rice
S – tunnocks caramel wafer, 2 finger cookies and cream kit kat and lucky charms cereal bar

Wednesday 3rd April
B – strawberry complan
S – banana
L – graze apple and cinnamon flapjack, 2 packets itsu seaweed, sweet ‘n’ salty topcorn
S – twiglets
D – 2/3 small breaded haddock fillet, about 2/3 small serving homemade mashed potato and carrots and cabbage

Thursday 4th April
B – bran flakes with chopped up banana
L – leftovers from last night’s dinner, tunnocks caramel wafer
S – itsu seaweed thins
D – ½ packet tilda brown rice, ½ tin tuna, 1 packet of seaweed thins w/ extra light mayo and chilli flakes
S – pear, 2 oreos, 2 finger cookies and cream kit kat
S – options hot chocolate

Friday 5th April
B – didn’t have time
S – Café Nero grande soya cappuccino
L – ½ packet tilda brown rice, ½ tin tuna, 1 packet seaweed thins w/ extra light mayo, tunnocks caramel wafer, pear
S – ginger and dark chocolate bakery cookie
D – ½ ristorante Hawaiian pizza
S – ¼ tub oreo ice cream

Saturday 6th April
B – bran flakes with chopped up banana
L  - ½ ristorante Hawaiian pizza, pear
S – metcalfe’s sweet ‘n salt popcorn, options hot chocolate
D – city kitchen hoisin duck noodles, rest of the oreo ice cream (girl problems!!)
 In terms of liquids: LOTS of sugar free ribena with hot water, tea and fruit tea. Oh and the occasional diet coke or sugar free ginger beer. 

I'm going to keep track of what I'm eating again. It used to be terribly triggering but now it's serving as a reality check when the anorexia demon starts trying to convince me that I've vastly over-eaten. 

5 days of juice was totally worth it! :)

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