10 Day You Challenge : Five Foods

1: Sushi. I absolutely love it!!! YO! Sushi is one of my most favourite places to go to eat without a doubt :)

2: Curry. I learned how to make curry in middle school and like to think that over the years I've gotten better at it! I've not had any complaints so far... The boyfriend and I also order from an awesome local restaurant once in a while

3: "Junk Food" ... I can't eat it and really don't understand how people can on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy treats like pastries or biscuits or savoury things like Kettle chips... But I just can't stomach a high fat diet. I will always go for the healthier option.

4: Vegetables. I have always loved my veggies and remember getting teased for eating 'rabbit food' during my school years. If I were to try and pick my favourite food, it would almost certainly be a vegetable or fruit.

5: Meat. I used to only eat fish, but over the past few years I've expanded my horizons. The catalyst was when I was running and taking a lot of exercise classes and my body wasn't satisfied with getting its protein from Maxitone. I was craving it so badly I was dreaming about it! It's still quite a rare feature in my diet but as long as the welfare is as good as possible I feel  a bit less conflicted about consuming it.

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