Snacking Haul: Metcalfe's are awesome!

Happy Wednesday! 

My pre-Easter order from the fabulous people at Metcalfe's arrived this afternoon and I'm probably a bit too happy about it! 

Fully stocked up!! :)

I've been ordering from Metcalfe's for a couple of years now. I absolutely love their products and it's so easy to order. Payment is sent via Paypal so there's no worry there and you get email updates on when to expect your order. They're always very quick and I've never had to wait longer than 4 days. If you order more than 1 box of any product then shipping is FREE! Otherwise it's £3.50 which isn't exactly terrible.

I think people expect 'health conscious' foods to be really minimalist servings, tasting like cardboard and just leave you craving fattier varieties. You won't find that here!!!

Box of 12: £9
You can see that the packets are pretty big, surprisingly so! They're full up too, so none of that disappointment when you open the bag. This popcorn isn't bland or boring! You can definitely taste the salt, but it's not overly salty like the cinema popcorn that leaves you feeling like you're stuck in the Sahara. It's actually pretty filling so it's ideal for either having with your lunch or shutting up the evening snack gremlin if savoury foods are your weakness!
Box of 12: £9.24

The "sweet 'n salt" flavour is ideal for people with a sweeter tooth! The flavour is subtle but considering the amount of popcorn you get to have it soon builds up and is really satisfying. The salty part is there to almost stop it getting too sickly and it's a nice surprise if you get a salted one. If you've ever had salted chocolate you'll know it really does work! I'd be perfectly happy to have this after dinner with a mug of Options Hot Chocolate and call it dessert!! :)

I have also tried the wasabi flavour, which I was sadly disappointed with. I was expecting it to be much hotter and have more overall flavour in general. This had a small wasabi taste, it was certainly mild and seemed almost too cautious. It didn't really work with the popcorn, at least to my preferences anyway. Shockingly, the chocolate flavour was also a fail; only this time it was because the flavour was too strong! The dark chocolate was too intense for the volume of popcorn and I struggled to finish the bag. It was just too sickly. For me to say that about anything to do with chocolate is almost unheard of... At least on the whole we can call it a draw: 2 likes and 2 dislikes. I have yet to try their "heat 'n sweet" variety and can't decide from what I've already tried whether it's worth getting a box or waiting until I see them in a shop. 

Moving on! 

New food of the week: itsu seaweed thins.

I spotted the itsu seaweed thins when I was ordered my popcorn and figured they were worth a try. I love asian food and really enjoy the flavour of seaweed so buying a box didn't seem like a risky decision to make. It's quite expensive compared to the boxes of popcorn, but it is totally worth it!! 

Box of 18: £19.80

I honestly didn't know what to expect but the packaging is nice, if a bit tricky to open! In the end I just ripped downwards from the serrated edges at the top of the packet which seemed to do the job. Nutritionally, there isn't much going on here in terms of calories, fat and carbs. It's all about the vitamins and minerals! :)
Silicon at base of packet
These surprised me when I took them out of the packet and I'm not terribly sure why. Perhaps it's because my only other encounters with seaweed have been in sushi and in Korean dishes. Anyway. They're very, very thin! I was worried that there would be zero flavour and I'd just be met with green cardboard. Wrong again! The seaweed is absolutely incredible and ever-so-slightly salted. There are 10 of these 'wafers' to a packet but you could easily have 20 and still want more! 

Absolutely amazing and definitely my snack find of the week!! I'll definitely be buying these again, and again. 

All I need to do now is find space in my kitchen to store all these packets!! I'm a bit short on storage space...!

What snack finds have you made? Are you more a sweet or savoury person?

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  1. I'm an everything person ;)
    I've been loving yoghurt covered cranberries lately though,nomnomnom


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