How to cook: Oven-roasted herby tomatoes

Welcome back to #FoodieFriday! Originally released in April 2013, this recipe has been edited and re-released for the Currys Student Cookbook.

I can't quite remember how I came up with this but I have a feeling it was a Tesco recipe card or something... Maybe Sainsburys. Ohhhh, I don't know! This is great as a side-dish, as an addition to a salad or a savoury dish like chicken or white fish. So here's what you do! It's soooooo easy, I promise.

Note: I know this looks like a heart-attack inducing recipe from the amount of salt being called for but I can assure you that you won't taste pure salt or really consume an awful lot of it. It's purely there to draw out the juices when cooking.

What you'll need: 

  • Tomatoes, at least 8. Any larger tomato would be great, just don't use cherry tomatoes!!
  • coarse salt
  • ground black pepper
  • fresh thyme or dried mixed herbs
  • garlic salt, optional
  • high sided roasting dish
  • measuring jug
 Cooking time: 35 minutes approx

ThatRedheadSaid: how to cook oven roasted tomatoes

Your first job is to get the oven on and turn it to it's maximum temperature. Then you need to start cutting up your tomatoes into reasonable sized slices, roughly a centimeter thick. Keep the ends of the tomatoes in a different pile to the rest of the slices. We will use these to help stack the layers in a minute.

You need to get your roasting tray ready now. It's important that both sides of the tomatoes are covered with the seasoning so you need to add a layer to the empty tray. Here I used a fairly generous amount of coarse salt and garlic salt, then dusted with black pepper from a height and added roughly 3tbsp of dried mixed herbs.

Now we're going to add our first layer of tomato slices. Try to fit as many in as you can but make sure they all lay flat on the dish. Repeat the same process as above to this layer to season. Add the end slices of the tomatoes into the gaps and try to make sure you get an even distribution. Lightly season these pieces, leaving the garlic salt out here if you are choosing to use it.

Add your final layer of tomatoes and season generously, including the garlic salt again. Now we're ready to put it into the oven at maximum temperature for 20 minutes.. :)

ThatRedheadSaid: how to cook oven roasted tomatoes

After the first burst in the oven we need to take it our to drain the liquid into our measuring jug so they can continue to roast rather than boil in their own juice! Be very careful as both the oven and the tomatoes will be fiercely hot!! Turn the oven down to 200 degrees now.

There's no real technique for getting out the liquid if you don't have a baster. Just get out as much as you can by gently shaking the dish about and trying to get some out from each corner. As you can see I got out almost 1/4 pint!

Now that the tomatoes look much happier we can put them back into the slightly cooler oven for a final 15 minutes. If you have used more tomatoes than I have here you'll need to check them after 15 minutes and just use your own judgement for how much longer they may need, and of course drain them again if you need to.

The final result you're after is this:

ThatRedheadSaid: how to cook oven roasted tomatoes 

The tomatoes should be just about holding themselves together and starting to look 'dried' and not letting out much, if any, juice after coming out of the oven. I can't promise they'll hold their shape when you try to serve them, for that effect you'll need to make much thicker slices! 

You can reduce the cooking juices down to make the base of an awesome tomato soup or cook couscous in, just an idea! Definitely don't pour it away, there's a flavour bomb in that jug! ;)

Please let me know if you try this recipe, if you have any questions or general musings! 

Happy cooking!!! :)

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