OOTD : Tuesday - and vertical labret update!

Tuesday might now be called Art Therapy Day! It's generally the only day of the week I absolutely have to leave the house so I don't get much of a chance to really do my make-up or put on the clothes I buy and just sit sadly in my wardrobe.

Being virtually house-bound sucks.

Cardi/Top/Vest : Topshop
Skirt : New Look
Shoes : River Island
Tights : No idea!!!!!


Concealer : Maybelline
Foundation : Maybelline matte mousse - LOVE!!!!
Powder : Natural collection
Mascara : Max Factor
Lower eyeliner : Estee Lauder - LOVE!
Upper eyelid : Collection 2000 purple 'felt-tip' pen

Using the felt pen type eyeliner is taking a lot of practice, a delicate touch and a steady hand but I think I'm getting the hang of it!! :)

And no, I don't know where my eyebrows have gone!!! :\

I got my vertical labret bar changed down from a 12mm to a 10mm while I was out. It cost just £5!! There was a black bar I loved which cost £9.50 but I thought for now I'd stick with this until the boyfriend has fully adjusted to it, and I maybe learn how to change the jewellery myself! I can just about cope with my tongue bar but this is just so small... The studio I go to is wonderful though, they'll fit any of their jewellery for you for free!

In another month or so I might be able to go down to a 8mm but it feels so much better at this size I don't know if any smaller will be worth it! Plus it might shift..... Damn skinny lips! Haha!

5 weeks old now! :) 

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