OOTD : Therapy Tuesday

Tuesday again.... 

This Tuesday particularly sucked because I had to see my GP before heading to the day hospital, to have Nexplanon stuck in my arm. Oh fun. To add insult to this; I could really have done with a good nights sleep but I'm back in the 'routine' of struggling to get to sleep and then can't stay asleep, so I woke up about 45 minutes before my alarm. 

It gave me time to wash my hair though.... 
And yes, I know it's desperate for a cut and colour! *hides*

..... yawn ....

I'm pretty sure I was already thinking about my visit to Cafe Nero by now. 

Cardigan - Topshop
Grey-Yellow top - Republic
Skirt - Monsoon

 I tried something a bit new... Think it worked...? 

Eyeshadow - Dior
Eye Liner (top lid) - Collection 2000 purple felt pen
Eye Liner (lower) - Elizabeth Arden
Mascara - Max Factor

Concealer - Maybelline
Foundation - Maybelline matte mouse
Powder - Natural Collection


I love this skirt. I bought it AGES ago - I believe I was 18 - from the sales in Monsoon. It's silk and just beautiful. It's been worn to death but it's still going strong! :)

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